Halloween Face Paint Fails

Halloween Face Paint Fails

Matt Shanley

Sometimes, when you conjure up an idea or a vision, the mental image just seems to play out so much better than the actual product. Often times, applying face paint can be a challenge because of this sad truth: most of us aren’t artists.

Take a look at some of WHC’s favorite face paint fails, and pray that you don’t end up on this list next Halloween.

10. The Joker


Image via cosplay-fail.livejournal.com

“Why so serious?” asked this Joker. “I’m not,” replied Batman. “I’m just trying to keep a straight face while looking at your makeup.”

9. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Image via Pop Sugar

This boy appears to be pretty fed up with whomever is photographing him. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s probably the person who colored his face red without making him look angry or like a bird.

8. Beast? Mystique? Beastique.


Image via smosh.com

The problem with X-Men costumes is that if you’re mostly naked and completely blue, you can be mistaken for either Beast or Mystique. We’ll give this guy creativity points for the mash-up, because we really have no idea which one he’s shooting for.

7. Sting (WWE)


Image via SpikeBad (Deviantart)

Sting is referred to as The Icon in the world of professional wrestling, and was known for his awesome entrance into the ring as he fell from the rafters of the arena. This guy just looks like he’s about to breathe really heavily into a phone.

6. Vampire

Vampire Face Paint

Image via thestorybehindthefaces.com

Points for creativity, we guess, but the standard vampire look is probably better than turning your face into a cartoon character, torso and all.

5. The Count (Sesame Street)

The Count

Image via costumefail.com

Fun fact: Sesame Street characters don’t look as cute and cuddly when they have bushy eyebrows and half-open leather jackets.

4. Olaf


Image via free-stock-illustration.com

Do you want to build a snowman? Nope.

3. The Incredible Hulk


Image via costumefail.com

If you’re going to paint your entire body green, definitely don’t forget to cover your armpits. This Hulk knew exactly what people would judge him on.

2. Bert & Ernie

Bert and Ernie

Image via smosh.com

Let’s add onto that Sesame Street rule from #5 on our list. Characters from the show are also scary if you give them egg shells for eyes and a Chelsea smile.

1. Sad Little Girl


Image via faceart.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

We’re not sure what this little girl was hoping to be when she got in line to have her face painted; Three-hole punch paper? A sideways snowman? Oreo cream with three cookies attached? All we know is what she ended up looking like; sad.


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