Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial


Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away to Wonderland at least once in his or her life?  Between the cluster of characters, incredible places and the awesome adventures, it’s a wonder why she ever left. But in Through the Looking Glass, Alice is heading back to Wonderland.  It just not the Wonderland she remembered anymore because the characters aren’t quite the way she left them years ago.

So Alice is turning to Time in order to go back and fix whatever went wrong, especially with the Mad Hatter who seems a lot more mad.  In the past, she gets to watch the events unfold that changed the people she knew into the people they are today.  And along the way, she needs to figure out where and when it broke.

We love Alice in Wonderland period.  Whether we’re reading the books, watching the classic Disney film or Tim Burton’s masterpieces, we can’t get enough.  So with all the excitement over the this sequel, we had to do some Alice in Wonderland makeup looks that are slightly more mad than usual.

With the help of our friend Caitlyn Kreklewich, we brought the iconic Mad Hatter, portrayed by Johnny Depp, to life in this makeup tutorial.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Caitlyn as well because there’s another Mad Hatter over on her channel that captures what we thought this Through the Looking Glass character might be like!

Madhatter01Stipple white face paint all over face and neck to create the base.

Once you have a nice, even layer, blend it out for full coverage.

Madhatter02Map out the contour lines with purple eyeshadow.

Madhatter03Start with the cheekbones and bring the color down along the sides of your mouth.

Next, add the purple shadow down each side of your nose.

Darken your temples with the same purple eyeshadow.

Drag the purple along the lower lashline near the outer corner of your eye.

Madhatter04With a pink shade, go over the purple contour area but drag it along the entire nose from the nostril to the eyebrows.

Blend the same pink eyeshadow over the cheek contour, pulling the color down into the hollows of your cheeks.

Add the pink eyeshadow to your lower lashline but focus the pigment on the outer corner of the eyes the most.

Using a fluffy brush, blend out the cheek contouring to get rid of any harsh lines.  Be sure to blend the color downward.

Repeat the blending process on your temple area to smooth out and soften the coverage.

Madhatter05With red eyeshadow, drag the color under the lower lashline keeping the color concentrated around the outer corners.

On the eyelid, add a vibrant blue eyeshadow.  Pack it on from the inner corner of your eye all the way up to your eyebrows but be sure to leave a thin line between the blue and your lashline.

Madhatter06To help conceal your brows, cover them with a layer of orange eyeshadow.

Cut 2 locks of hair from your Mad Hatter wig to replicate his crazy eyebrows.  Apply them with lash glue.

Apply white liquid eyeliner to the lower lashes to help them pop against all of the bright colors.

Put on some hot pink lipstick.

Use a waterproof eyeliner to create the gap between the Hatter’s two front teeth.  Make sure to dry your teeth off before trying to apply the eyeliner!


If you haven’t guessed already, we’re all a little mad here.  If you recreate this Mad Hatter look, don’t forget to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

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And if you want to up the “madness” use this video on Caitlyn’s channel!