The Cat in the Hat might be the fan favorite among the stories Dr. Seuss penned, but do you know which story was his favorite?  If you couldn’t figure out where this was going, the answer is The Lorax of course!  And because Read Across America was created to honor Dr. Seuss, you might as well go all in.

The Lorax is a fable that warns against corporate greed.  And while the Once-ler is trying to make as many Thneeds as possible from the Truffula trees it’s up to the Lorax to speak for the trees (because trees don’t have tongues).  In creating these characters and this story, Dr. Seuss was able to teach children lessons about how important the environment is.  So who wouldn’t want to become the Lorax?

Check out how easy it is to Seussify yourself!


Our model has a clean shaved head and face. You could apply a bald cap to a model with hair.
Start by applying orange makeup over the entire face and down onto the neck.
Cover the entire head with orange makeup (For this demo we covered to the top of the head).


Use a small brush to get full coverage around the eyes.
Touch up any bare spots with extra makeup.


Cut 2 pieces of yellow marabou feather trim for the eyebrows- trim to fit your model.
Apply a strip of spirit gum to the skin above the brow the length of the feather trim.
Allow to become tacky, tap it with your finger to speed the drying time.


Press the piece of feather trim onto the spirit gum.
Apply spirit gum and feather trim to the other brow.


Cut 2 more pieces of yellow marabou feather trim for the mustache- trim to fit.
Apply a strip of spirit gum along half of the upper lip and onto the cheek halfway to the ear.
Allow to become tacky.
Press the feather trim onto the spirit gum.


Trim excess fluff just under the nose to give it the proper mustache shape.
Repeat the process for the other half of the mustache.


Now go out and speak for the trees!


This look is definitely easier if you’ve got a shaved head, however you can easily slick back your hair and spray it with orange hairspray to complete the look without parting with all your hair!  If you sport this Lorax look for #ReadAcrossAmerica we want to see it. Share you pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.