You don’t hear much talk of leprechauns during any other time of the year except during St. Patrick’s Day.  They live deep in the Irish countryside and possess wish-granting powers.  But don’t be fooled.  If you catch a leprechaun and are granted 3 wishes, think carefully.  These quick-witted mythical creatures are known to be tricky.

So when we asked Caitlyn Kreklewich to do a leprechaun look for us this St. Paddy’s Day she asked one question: Sexy or Creepy?  We’re firm believers that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so take a look at our makeup tutorial to determine which look she gave us.

Don’t be alarmed though!  You’re not looking through Guinness-clouded eyes.  You are indeed watching the lovely Caitlyn transform into another being all together!  She popped on one of our St. Patrick’s Day Costumes and finished the look with this disturbing makeup. So go ahead and lepre-CON everyone on St. Patrick’s Day to ask you for some wishes.  They might get lucky!


Use a thin brush and some black eyeshadow to contour your nose. We’re going for a bulbous look so make sure to over-accentuate your natural tip and nostrils.


Get ready to make silly faces! Scrunch your nose, furrow your brows, smile and frown to highlight your natural wrinkles. With the thin brush and black eyeshadow, draw in the creases that the faces make.


Pay close attention to your nose, forehead, cheeks, mouth, chin and eyes.  This is a rough outline so don’t worry about messing up!

The furrowed brow look might be tricky to recreate only using your creases so add lines of eyeshadow that will help you achieve the look. Find a reference photo of the expression you’d like to create and roughly sketch it out around your brows.


Sweep black eyeshadow into the eye sockets to create the menacing, sunken look.

Use a thicker brush to go over the rough outlines with more black eyeshadow.  Don’t forget to keep making faces to make sure you get the wrinkles and expression right.


Once it’s all darkened and mapped out, use a black eyeliner to add depth.  The center of the wrinkles should be the darkest because it’s the deepest point and the eyeshadow should blend from there.

Apply red eyeshadow with a fluffy brush around the tip of the nose and cheek to create a bulbous shape and full round cheeks.  Add the same red shadow around your lips and also blend it with the wrinkles around your eyes.


Paint pointy teeth on your top and bottom lips with white liner.  Make them angular and jagged to complete the menacing look.

Tap yellow eyeshadow on top of the teeth for a grosser, more decayed finish.


Line the lips and fill in in-between the teeth with black eyeliner.  This is also the time to clean up the lines around the teeth so that they’re sharped and defined.

Smudge black face paint along the brow and upper portion of the eye socket to give the eyes more depth and dimension

Line the lower lash line with the same red shadow as before and blend it in with the black eyeshadow in the sockets.


We got lucky when we teamed up with Caitlyn on another makeup tutorial.  Be sure to check out her channel here for more videos.  And subscribe to ours to see what other looks we come up with together.

One of our leprechaun wishes would be that you tried out this makeup look this St. Patrick’s Day. If you do, don’t forget to send us pictures to @whcostumes on Twitter and Instagram or on our Facebook page!