10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Matt Shanley

With Halloween right around the corner, you might have missed your shot to purchase a quality Halloween costume. Don’t sweat it.

With this great list of 10 last-minute Halloween costumes, you’ll look like you’ve been prepping the holiday for months.

10. Stick Figure

stick figure costume

Image via theme-me.com

With some white clothes, black duct tape and a plate, you can turn yourself from a well-illustrated portrait to a stick figure. Try to avoid doing this with friends, though, unless you want to look like one of those corny car decals.

9. Three Blind Mice

three blind mice

Image via keloland.com

As Mean Girls so delicately put it, on Halloween “the hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” Take it one step further and throw some sunglasses on, too. You’re the three blind mice. Duh.

8. Sims Character

sims costume

Image via YouTube

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in The Sims that you felt like you were actually a character in the game? Now you can be. Wear your normal clothes and go about your day, and the costume is complete. For instructions on how to make your own plumbomb, Click Here.

7. Brawny Man

brawny man costume

Image via PopSugar

The only planning that goes into becoming the Brawny Man is actually the most effortless part. Stop shaving for a few days, and grow a beard that makes you look burly. Then, throw on some flannel and walk around with a roll of paper towels.

7. Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady costume

Image via todaysfamilynow.com

A bathrobe, some hair curlers and a few stuffed animal friends can transform you into a Crazy Cat Lady. Disclaimer: Real crazy cat ladies are NOT as adorable as the one pictured.

5. Identity Thief

identity thief costume

Image via almostsupermom.com

If you’ve recently attended a school or work orientation, pocket a few of those Hello, My Name Is… name tags. It will give you a head start on thievery AND you’re Halloween costume. You’ll be able to really play the part when you write random names on them. You’re an identity thief.

4. When life hands you lemons…

life hands you lemons costume

Image via santamonicahealingarts.com

You know that age-old adage; When life hands you lemons… Make Lemonade. Wholesale Halloween Costumes thinks that when life hands you lemons, you should write “Life” on your shirt and hand them to someone else.

3. Television Characters

saved by the bell costumes

Image via collegehumor.com

The beauty of television is often that it’s so easy to relate to the characters. On Halloween, all you have to do is find some clothes that they’d wear and act like them. We recommend the thrift store if you’re looking to impersonate a 1980’s Bayside High student.

2. Facebook

facebook costume

Image via Huffington Post

Speaking of television characters, Jim Halpert of The Office gave lazy people the best last-minute costume ever when he dressed up for Halloween 2009. He wrote “Book” across his face, making him “Facebook.”

1. Ghost

Ghost costume

Image via livingonthecheap.com


While you might be out of time to order a costume for this year, Wholesale Halloween Costumes hopes you find the inspiration you need for a quick DIY look this October 31st. Remember, it’s never too early to start shopping for a more popular Halloween costume for next year!