If you’ve learned anything about us in the last year, you know we love all things gory and scary.  So when we caught wind of the movie that would combine our love for Christmas and our love for horror into one, we had to recreate it with makeup.

However, Krampus isn’t just the movie set to premiere on December 4th of this year.  Krampus is widely known as Saint Nicholas’ companion who punishes the children who landed themselves on the naughty list.  And although there are many variations of this creature of Alpine folklore, there are characteristics that remain the same.  He’s known for his hairy body, cloven hooves, horns and long, pointed tongue.

We can’t wait to see how our Krampus creation holds up to what’s depicted in the movie.  Watch the full transformation here!


There are many versions of Krampus, find a look you like and use it as reference. We chose to use a nose and ear appliances for our look.

Start by applying the nose prosthetic with the adhesive of your choice. We used Pros-Aide because you don’t have to wait for it to dry.

Apply Pros-Aide to the skin where the fake nose will be attached.

Affix the nose and smooth out the edges to blend in with the skin. Use more adhesive and a metal spatula to smooth down any loose edges around the nose.

Apply the tips of the ears with the same method. It might help to have another person with this step.

Mix grey and brown makeup as your base color and apply it all over your face and in the ears. Use a brush to make sure you get full coverage in the nooks and crannies.

Cover the eyes and nose.

Use a lighter tone to add highlights and structure to the face.

Follow with a darker tone under the cheekbones, under the eyes, in the brow furrow, on the divot under the lips, and in the laugh lines. Blend out.

Powder over the entire face to set the makeup.

Go back in with the lighter gray to add highlights along the contour lines and to highlight the eyebrows.

We trimmed a little hair off the wig we chose for our look and used Pros-Aide give Krampus a goatee.

Put on your wig and horns and you are ready for a Christmas Krampus fest! Want the same horns we used? Get the DIY instructions here.


The naughty list is getting longer every year but this Christmas it’s time to give Santa Claus a break. If you’re attending your holiday parties as Krampus, don’t forget to share your finished look on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!