The squad has been assembled and you better believe that Killer Croc is going to be a colossal member of the team.  Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated movies of the year from the DC Comics universe. Killer Croc is a part of the unorthodox, work-release team that exchanges service to the United States government for commuted sentences.  Recruited by Amanda Waller, the team participates in black-ops missions that need a special, evil eye of a team that’s expendable at the end of the day.

Killer Croc has a hulking physique and most notably, a reptilian appearance.  He gets his crocodile traits from a rare genetic disorder and he’s been ridiculed for them for most of his life. With dreams of becoming the crime kingpin in Gotham City, Killer Croc works behind the scenes as an adversary of Batman.  But somewhere along the way he’s incarcerated.

Since Croc is making the switch to the live-action world, we thought it was the perfect time to remember this crocodile-like super villain before he hits the big screen. Check out this video to see exactly how we captured Killer Croc’s look.

If you’re looking to recreate this comic book character turned live-action film star’s look, follow the steps below!


Using a photo for reference map out the scales with a thin brush and green makeup.
The center of the forehead, the temples and cheeks should be covered with scales.
Continue the pattern onto the sides of the neck.
Leave the area around the eyes, nose, mouth and center of the neck uncovered.


Fill in the uncovered area around the mouth and down onto the neck with white.
Fill in with white around the nose.


Even out the coverage with a sponge.
Add some white just under the eyes.
Using a sponge add green along the edge of the white around the mouth and neck.


Start filling in the scales with green. Use black to define the space between the scales.
Paint a thick black line across the bridge of the nose.



Fill in the area around the eyes and onto the temple with black.
Use a sponge to blend and feather the edge of the black area.
Add shading along the side of the nostrils and around the edge to make them look bigger.
Blend with a sponge.


Paint a wavy black line from the corner of the mouth outward to the middle of the cheek.
Continue the line across the inner edge of the upper and lower lip.
Paint another wavy black line on the other cheek to complete the mouth.


Blend the line along the lips.
Paint a few pointed crocodile teeth along the line with white makeup.


Finish filling in the remaining scales on the forehead.
Leave the area above each eye uncovered, like an arched eyebrow.
Outline the arch with black and blend with a sponge.
Blend some green with the black to fill in the arch.


Line the eyes with black and make sure your shadows have full coverage.
Touch up the white if needed.
Your villainous look is complete!


Just because he’s a super villain doesn’t mean he can’t be part of the team.  Become this cannibal with rage issues from 2016’s latest live-action comic book movie and don’t forget to share a shot of your mug with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.