Don’t think for a second that we’ve been ignoring all of the recent hype. If you’re as eager as we are about DC Comics’ upcoming feature starring its most villainous personalities, then you might have already attempted this new Joker look. Here at WHC, we transformed a friend into the latest rendition of the “Clown Prince of Crime.” Will Jared Leto fill the big shoes left by Heath Ledger in his portrayal of The Joker? Waiting until the August 5th 2016 theatrical release of the Suicide Squad will be a struggle, but with the all-star cast it boasts, we’re hoping it will be worth the wait!


Start by covering eyebrows with eyebrow plastic or glue stick.

Use a spatula or flat edge to smooth any clumps.


Mix in white makeup with skin tone makeup or foundation and cover entire face.


PRO TIP: A base layer of orange makeup can help neutralize darker brows. Cover with with white/fleshtone makeup.


Use brown makeup to contour and define facial structure.


Cover upper eyelids with maroon makeup.

Cover entire eye socket with purple makeup.


Outline the purple with black and blend to feather the outer edge.


With a thin brush and black makeup add the cracks, and face tattoos.


We used aluminum foil to add silver veneers, but tooth paint is another option. DO NOT use aluminum foil if you have metal fillings. It will not feel good.


Use maroon makeup on the lips, and blend the edges.


Finish the look with bright green hair spray.Then share your pictures using #WHCdoesSFX.



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