If we’ve learned anything from television and movies it’s that outer space is full of adventures. With so much room to explore, it’s no wonder we’re discovering new worlds. Although most of them are fictional, it’s still cool to imagine the other life forms that might be out there.

Take Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond as an example. Her planet was attacked and her people were imprisoned. Little by little they realized that prisoners were routinely taken from the holding cells and never came back. Fight or flight kicked in and luckily Jaylah was able to escape and found shelter in an old space ship. In that shelter she learned English thanks to the ship’s records. She became a skilled warrior. And little by little, she pieced the USS Franklin back together.

So basically, she’s fierce. And fierce women usually have a fierce look to accompany that personality trait. Jaylah’s look surely doesn’t disappoint. Her white skin and black markings aren’t even the fiercest part. Her angles are so on point that you’re going to need some serious contour skills to get her look. Luckily, our friend Caitlyn has just that.

Check out Caitlyn’s Jaylah video tutorial or follow along with the steps below.

Jaylah Step 01

Cover entire face with white makeup.

Block our eyebrows with a glue stick.

When the glue dries cover the eyebrows with white makeup.

Jaylah Step 02

Using a reference photo to start mapping out the pattern on the face with thin lines. These lines will be refined so don’t worry about being too precise at this point.

Make small dots at the points as a guide to help keep the look symmetrical.

Jaylah Step 03

Fill in the entire upper lid with black adding points at the outer corner and along the inner corner pointing down the nose.

Start refining the lines- making them thicker with clean crisp edges.

Add another layer of white between the black lines on the forehead, over the eyebrows, and on the bridge of the nose.

Jaylah Step 04

Cover the neck and chest  with white.

Use a thin line brush to start adding grey/taupe lines and contour to mimic the shape of Jaylah’s face.

Jaylah Step 05

Fill in the lips using a nude lipstick.

Use the same grey/taupe shadow to line the lips.

Blend with a finger tip.

Add contouring to the collar bones with the grey/taupe shadow.

Star Trek Beyond Jaylah Final Look

If you dream of becoming part of Starfleet, you should take notes from Jaylah. For now, just recreate her look and share pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.


Don’t forget to check out Caitlyn Kreklewich’s channel for more tutorials from her!