Get Out of the Water! Jaws Turns 40!

Get Out of the Water! Jaws Turns 40!

…We’re gonna’ need a bigger blog.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the day you decided never to go in the ocean again–the day “Jaws” was released. Okay, okay. So maybe, looking back, that big mechanical shark wasn’t as scary as it was when you were a kid, but, admit it, you still think twice about getting in the deep end of the pool without double checking.

It’s not easy making a movie, thought, especially one that lasts the test of four decades! Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Steven Spielberg’s oceanic thriller:


photo cred: imdb

– The film was only supposed to cost $3.5 million, but ended up being $9 million, which is fine since the movie is still making money. The movie has currently netted around 52 times that.

– The infamous “We’re gonna’ need a bigger boat” quote was completely adlibbed — Not in the script at all.

– The shark was never tested in the water before shooting, and sank when they shot the first scene–it took a team of divers to pull it from the bottom of the ocean.

-The movie wasn’t ACTUALLY filmed on “Amity Island,” but, rather, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, because that sea floor isn’t particularly deep. Even 12 miles away from land, the bottom of the ocean is still only 30-feet down, which helped move and maneuver the shark.

Martha’s Vineyard locals even joined in, as residents were paid $64 each to run around and scream while the movie was being filmed — Not a bad way to spend a day.

But, if you’re like us, you know there are plenty of other fish in the sea, including some really sad excuses for sharks. Here are a few sharks that are considerably less scary than Jaws himself:

1. Left Shark

He has two left dorsal fins; If he can’t dance, he can’t scare. Although we might be a little scared of right shark. He’s got some solid hand-eye coordination.

(H/T: YouTube)

2. The Street Sharks

Sure, they’re massive… and walk on land… and wear clothes. But they’re cartoons, so they really can’t be that frightening — Get it together.


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3. Bruce and Co. (Finding Nemo)

They’re well-spoken, and don’t even eat fish, let alone humans. I’m hard pressed to find these guys as threats.


photo cred: youtube

4. Jabberjaw

If anything, this “futuristic” shark was the funniest mammal of the ’70s. Hats off to you, Hannah Barbera.


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5. Anyone from “Shark Tales”

Not just the sharks, but, really, any of these characters–big thumbs down for that movie. Not Will Smith’s greatest creation. We expect more from you, Fresh Prince.


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This guy:

Boy's Toddler Silly Shark Costume

Yeah, we’ve got this guy in stock (the costume, not the baby.).

And, hey, if you love sharks as much as the next person doesn’t, you’ll be psyched that Shark Week starts in a little over two weeks! FINS UP!

WHC hopes you all celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Jaws” responsibly. Don’t go swimming at night, don’t go in the ocean alone, don’t go fishing with a drunk Irish dude, and find an adorable baby to put in our shark costume.