Fatal Friday: Jason & Mortal Kombat X

Fatal Friday: Jason & Mortal Kombat X


jasonprofileWith his blink and miss cameo in a hallucination towards the end of the original Friday the 13th film, the intention was never for Jason Voorhees to be the star of nine more movies, a remake, and a crossover with Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street. Knowing that, it’s easy to say it was never imagined he’d become a playable character in Mortal Kombat X.

For five-dollars, you can enter the arena to his eerily familiar “Ki Ki Ma Ma” theme and execute scores of excruciatingly gory combos, brutalities, and fatalities. In keeping with Jason’s immortal nature, there’s a feature in the game where the player can you be resurrected from the dead with a flash of lightning.

But before it became the highest grossing horror franchise of all time with its lead as a monster movie icon, Friday the 13th was created to cash in on the highly successful slasher film Halloween directed by cult filmmaker John Carpenter. Director Sean Cunningham took the elements from fellow slasher classic Halloween that attracted viewers, including a scary score, jump scares, killing hormonal teenagers, and a cursed town and used them to create Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th Part 2, a sequel done without the original writer or director, introduced Jason as the killer in a fantastic fashion as he distracts the heroine of the previous movie by putting his mother’s head in her fridge, following up by inserting an ice pick into her temple. Friday the 13th Part III introduced the hockey mask in almost a throwaway manner when Jason starts wearing it after killing Shelly, who used it for creepy pranks to scare girls into liking him.

Jason dies for the first time in The Final Chapter, and is resurrected three times over the next three movies by various means, including lightning, telekinesis, electricity, and is even put in cryo for 400 years in the 2001 box office bomb Jason X. His immortality is one part of what makes him an iconic horror character, and certainly plays a role in MKX, as his fatality is not easily attained.

The developers of Mortal Kombat X melded these iconic elements to make Jason Voorhees quite the powerhouse fighter. In his intro , he pulls a blade either out of his own neck or that of his latest victim, and his run and walk are both fast. Jason’s main fatality is a tribute to the sleeping bag kill in Friday the 13th Part VII where he dismembers his victim by slamming to the ground, and his other one is an old-fashioned slice and dice with the other fighter ending up in a pool of their own blood.

Jason Voorhees’ reputation as a merciless killer is definitely secure in Mortal Kombat X.