Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial with Blacklight Activated Glowing Makeup

Happy Halloween!

Jack-O-Lanterns are a glowing Halloween staple. Every year, front porches and stoops are dotted with pumpkins carved in all sorts of patterns from the classic Jack O’Lantern face to intricate and incredible images. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs and styles of carved pumpkins in recent years. But when it boils down to it, there’s nothing that beats the classic, original Jack-O-Lantern look!

To celebrate Halloween, and show off some fun pumpkin stuff, Wholesale Halloween Costumes partnered with our pal Caitlyn Kreklewich to put together a Jack O’Lantern makeup look unlike any you’ve ever seen before! Celebrate Halloween the old fashioned way with a classic carved pumpkin makeup look that glows under blackligh! Check out the video to see how it’s done!

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Throw on a wig cap to start.

Block out your brows with a skin-safe glue stick.

Outline your eye socket with a rounded square shape and give a little flick the curve of the inner brow.

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Map out the jagged edges of the mouth and begin filling in the rest of the face with orange makeup.

Once the orange makeup is filled, use yellow to add highlight areas- start with the brows and blend them upward into the forehead.

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Start adding the pumpkins vertical ribbed highlights. Strategically blend into the orange makeup to give the illusion of light and shadow.

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial Step 4

Grab a thin brush to start adding black to the shadows and enhancing the design.

Add a few dark lines to the forehead, under the cheekbone, along the sides of the nose, on the chin and down the middle of the cheek from the eye.

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial Step 5

Fill in the eyes, mouth and tip of the nose with neon orange black light makeup.

Outline the orange tip of the nose with black, and give the top edges a few sharp cracks. Drop one sharp crack down onto the cupid’s bow.

Add similar cracks all around the eyes.

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial Step 6

Add points to the furrows on the forehead.

Outline all of the teeth with a thin black line and keep the points extra sharp.

Your look is ready for day and night! You will glow like a Jack-o-lantern under blacklight!

Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial GIF

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