Halloween’s Most Valuable Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween’s Most Valuable Jack-O-Lanterns

Matt Shanley

Much like candy canes and Christmas, or dyed eggs and Easter, pumpkins, and more specifically Jack-O-Lanterns, are synonymous with Halloween. Here at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we wanted to, not only give you ideas for your carved creation this October, but also recognize the architects of 10 awesomely-sculpted vegetables.

While we’re at it, we’ll bring attention to some of those Jack-O-Lanterns that didn’t quite make the cut. At least they tried, right?

10. Oogie Boogie; The Nightmare Before Christmas

Oogie Boogie Jack o Lantern

Image via molempire.com

Though the antagonist in a children’s movie, Oogie Boogie has managed to keep his status as Creepiest Disney Character since 1993. This Jack-O-Lantern recreates that iconic scene in the film where the audience sees his silhouette as he proclaims that he is the shadow on the moon at night.

9. Batman


Image via Comic Vine

Whether it’s your son in costume, or The Dark Knight etched into a pumpkin, Halloween just seems a little safer when Batman is around, doesn’t it?

8. Pump-kannibal

Cannibal Pumpkin

Image via fanpop.com

What’s better than one jack-o-lantern? Two, of course. Does that still apply when one is eating the other one? Silence of the pumpkins.

7. Split-Skin

Skeleton Pumpkin

Image via mashable

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your pumpkin looks like? Odds are, unless you’re super crafty, it just looks like a bunch of goop and seeds. If you ARE super crafty, though, it might look like this guy and his pumpkin X-ray.

6. The Death Star; Star Wars

Death Star

Image via Fantasy Pumpkins

If Star Wars fans are one thing, it’s passionate. That’s obvious with this pumpkin-turned-replica of Darth Vader’s residency, the Death Star.

5. Bill Murray

Bill Murray

Image via blog.hilmor.com

…because Bill Murray

4. Not Feeling So Hot

Puke Pumpkin

Image via Julep.cm

Looks like this pumpkin had a little bit too much of a good time at his Halloween party. Don’t act like you haven’t been there before.

3. Drac-O-Lantern


Image via ABC 7 News

We really struggled with naming this one. It was between Drac-U-Lantern and Jack-ula. Either way, it’s a pumpkin that looks like a vampire, and it’s awesome.

2. Quarter Pumpkin with Cheese

Burger O Lantern

Image via jeannebenedict.com

This jack-o-lantern could be a little complicated, as that picture looks like it has real meat and vegetables on it. The burger look can be easily replicated though if you have faux food to put on the pumpkin buns, though.

1. Horror Hall of Fame

Image via horroroftruant (rebloggy.com)

Image via horroroftruant (rebloggy.com)

What’s better than one horror villain etched into a jack-o-lantern. Six of them. This pumpkin artist took a variety of our favorite movie murderers and immortalized them for his front porch decorations.

Honorable Mention?

5. Um…

Bad Jack O Lantern

Image via tosh.cc.com

I don’t think that’s how you do it.

4. Pumpkin Pi

Pumpkin Pi

Image via fnal.gov

Ah, Halloween. A time when nerds everywhere get to remind people that they’re good at math. Oh. That’s not what Halloween is for?

3. A for Effort?

Jacked Up Jack O Lantern

Image via amomamok.blogspot.com

This masterpiece could have been left alone after its nose-mouth conjunction, but this artist decided to fix it up a little bit with some eyelashes. A carver’s work is never done.

2. ST-Pumpkin

Herpes O Lantern

Image via bustle.com

We’re just going to leave this here.

1. Pumpkin Bieber

Beiber O Lantern

Image via bustle.com

Hey, people who are good at carving pumpkins and also people who have good ideas: Where are you now when they needed ya?


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