With so many superheroes to choose from these days, it is starting to look like a popularity contest on TV and in the theaters.  But instead of the good guys battling the bad guys, it seems the superheroes are all turning against each other.  So far this year, we’ve had Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The next good guy vs. good guy battle is coming May 6th with the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

And just like Batman v Superman, we had to weigh-in on who will come out on top. (See the BvS makeup tutorial here!)

We hate having to pick teams.  It’s divided us all, both here in the office and at home.  In Captain America: Civil War our favorite Marvel heroes are forced to pick sides.  You’re either Team Capitan America or Team Iron Man and there is no in-between!  After watching the Avengers assemble and work as a team, it’s hard to watch them battle it out in the name of what’s right.

But alas, there is no Switzerland in this war of the superheroes.  Since none of us have been gifted with superhuman abilities, we have to side with Tony Stark on this one.  Stark is a man who just happens to be a genius.  He relies on his brains to enhance his brawn.  And as the times change, he upgrades his supersuit so that it’s always full of cutting edge technology.  We’re not throwing shade at the genetically enhanced but we’ll always stand by our human comrades.

In honor of our chosen team leader, we’ve created a makeup look that shows off both sides of the man.  Check out our Iron Man Tony Stark transformation below!

Iron Man Step 01

Using a reference photo, start mapping out Iron Man’s mask on half of the face
with white face paint and a thin brush.

Iron Man Step 02

Fill in with red where necessary using a wide, flat brush.

Keep your edges clean and crisp.

Using gold makeup and the same flat brush, fill in the gold areas of the Iron Man mask.

Iron Man Step 03

Fill in the eye with metallic white makeup.

Outline the eye area with metallic blue makeup and blend inward.

Leaving a thin margin, outline the red area on the forehead with a thin black line.

Add black bars above and below the red on the bridge of the nose.

Continue a thin black outline around the eye area, and around the temple.

Iron Man Step 04

Outline the red area on the side of the face then bring the line along the cheekbone.

Line above the red area along the jaw and connect the line to the mouth and along the inner lower lip.

Outline the small facets on the chin.

Lay down a shadow below the line on the cheek.

Add shading to the cheek area and the temple.

Iron Man Step 05

Using metallic white makeup add highlights on the forehead and outer cheek.

With more metallic white create the small details on the cheek close to the chin.

Add shading with black makeup on the red areas and define the chin line.

Continue adding highlights and shadows until you are happy with the look.

Iron Man Step 06

For the Tony Stark half of the face, all you need is black makeup.

Darken and define the brow.

Using short brush strokes paint on a mustache and Tony’s signature goatee.

Dab black makeup with a stippling sponge to make the brush strokes less obvious and add stubble.

Ok hero, get out there and save the day!

Iron Man TonyStark Final

So, if you are going to go out there an reveal the secret identity of the most well known genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, at least get a selfie and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

Iron Man Head Turn