Insanely-Decorated Houses for Halloween

Insanely-Decorated Houses for Halloween

Matt Shanley

There’s nothing that sets the mood for October quite like decorating your home. It can be as welcoming or as uninviting as you want. If you’re really sinister, you can give it friendly facade and fill it with little tricks as ghouls and goblins approach your door.

Take a look at some of our favorite decorated houses for Halloween and, remember… There’s aaalways room for one more guest in these houses!

10. Family Photo


Image via Herald Extra

This family might have spent a little too much time in a summer storm. Either that, or they’re just trying to fit in at the party taking place on their front lawn. Looks like they should direct their attention to the party host to their left.

9. Walk the Plank

Pirate house

Image via

AARRGGHH, MATEY! This house took the saying “Dead Man’s Chest” a bit literally, as they decided to occupy their house-turned-pirate ship with a skeleton its captain. Don’t take more than one piece of candy or they’ll send you overboard.

8. No Trespassing

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Image via

While we titled this one “No trespassing,” we don’t really know if entering is the issue. Exiting might be your real problem at this residency. It would require a lot of sneaking past spirits, trekking through spiderwebs and even some deconstruction of boarded-up windows.

7. Plenty of Vacancy


Image via

This cemetery must be relatively new on its block, as it doesn’t seem to have too much occupied space. Looking for a new place to lurk? Once you get past the obstacle at the entrance, you could be a perfect fit.

6. Nightmare on My Street

Nightmare before Christmas decorations

Image via

What does this suburban home have in common with Disneyland? Both decorate for Christmas in October. The Anaheim, CA theme park always litters its famed Haunted Mansion ride with characters and scenes from the popular movie Nightmare Before Christmas during the Halloween season.

5. Real House of Horror?

Simpsons TreeHouse of Horror Decorations

Image via Reddit

Here’s another decked-out home inspired by a popular holiday cartoon. The Simpsons have been airing their Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials annually since 1990.

4. Neighborhood Watch

Everyone is Watching

Image via Reddit

Whether you’re on your way up to the door or simply walking by, all eyes are on you when you’re in this house’s vicinity. A few of these guys look friendly, though, don’t they? I wouldn’t worry too much.

3. Area 51?

Alien Decorations

Image via Reddit

If you’re hoping to get some candy from this house, I’d hurry up. Secret Service and the CIA might beat you to the door.

2. Bustin’ Ghosts

Ghostbusters Decorations

Image via

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer are just chillin’ in this front yard. Apparently, the homeowners of this house have no idea who to call.

1. Spider Attack

Spider Decorations

Image via


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