In Donna Summer’s Memory Disco Never Dies


The music world lost another legend today with the passing of Donna Summer. She was the premiere Disco Diva, turning out hits in the 70’s and 80’s like Love to Love You Baby, Bad Girls and On the Radio.  The five-time Grammy winner, died of cancer today at the age of 63.

In the 70’s, you couldn’t go to a disco without the DJ spinning Donna Summer on the turntable. When we think of famous women from the Disco era, she is easily in the top three, perhaps even #1.

Looking at pictures of her on Google, it is easy to see how she inspired many of our Disco costumes.

Check out this picture of her in a jumpsuit, next to the Boogie Queen Costume


The look of the 70’s is sleek and sexy, just like she was.If you add a 70s wig  you will look even more like the immortal Donna Summer.  In her memory, we suspect this will be a big look for Halloween, although in the costume industry, Disco never dies.

We leave you with a video of her when she was her most beautiful and famous.

Farewell, Disco Queen. Rest in peace.