Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial

Winter is here (according to the thermometer at least). The actual winter solstice is only days away but there is no switch to flip when it comes to the change of seasons, so we’re already dressed in our furriest boots, puffiest coats and more thick layers beneath that. When you can’t shake the shivers and the ice seems to be literally crawling across your skin, join us as we accuse Mother Nature herself for this inescapable chill. During the coldest time of year as she transforms into a frosty Ice Queen that revels in a crystalline world. She probably dresses like a dreamy angel with glistening platinum hair and floats around eating ice cream, gelato, and sorbet all day.

We asked Caitlyn to transform herself into an Ice Queen for winter. If you’re digging this video go check out her channel!

Chill out and watch this video or follow along with the step by step process below.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Start with a freshly washed and dried face.

Pop in a set of frosty contacts if you have them. Talk to your eye doctor before buying any contact lenses.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Use a foundation lightener without any foundation to get that cold bloodless look.

Cover your entire face and neck and blend it onto your chest too if your costume has a low neckline.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Using white makeup and a medium brush add messy lines all over your neck to mimic the fingers of frost creeping up toward your face.

Add more messy lines around your hairline and down onto your cheekbones.

Use a lavender/pink blush to give the rosy glow of skin that been exposed to cold. Apply liberally.

Add a dab of the same lavender shadow to the center of the upper and lower lip and softly blend out.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 4

Using a very opaque white shadow, cover the entire upper eyelids and inner corners.

Add extra shine to the line details using a pearlescent makeup with the medium brush along the hairline and jawline.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 5

Bring the same lavender shadow into the creases of the upper eyelids. Blend well.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 6

With an iridescent glitter, we will add even more sparkle. Combine the glitter with larger grained sea salt.

Apply lash glue over your cheeks, one at a time, and press the salt/glitter mixture onto the glue with your finger. Add more until you are satisfied with the look.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 7

Apply white makeup to loosely cover your brows.

Apply the glitter/salt mixture over your eyebrows using the lash glue.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 8

Add opaque white shadow to your lower lid and blend it into the inner and outer corners of each eye.

Glue on lower and upper eyelashes.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 9

Using white mascara, cover the lashes completely- top and bottom.

Fill in your lash line with white eyeliner.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 10

Put on a white wig.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Step 11

And finish the look with a tiara or crown.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial

This gorgeous look won’t last long though. Eventually, spring will return with more sunshine and Mother Nature will have a wardrobe change again. Sounds like the beginning of a series…

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