How to get people to dress up for your Halloween party


Somewhere along the line, some adults start to lose the enthusiasm for dressing up on Halloween that they once had as children. But anyone who’s been to a great costume party knows that the excitement that you once had to be something else on Halloween can quickly be recaptured – and that adult Halloween parties can be just as fun as trick-or-treating was when you were younger.

So if you’re hosting a Halloween party, how do you convince your guests that showing up in costume is the only way to celebrate the occasion? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Offer prizes for the best costumes. Providing incentives – in the form of cash, treats or even just attention – is a good way to get people to do anything, and wearing costumes is no exception. When you send out the invitations or tell your guests about the party, lay out the ground rules for the costume contest. Rather than just having a contest for the best costume, pick categories such as most creative, funniest, most becoming or even most gruesome. The different categories will get your guests thinking more about what type of costume it would take to win and may provide inspiration that would otherwise be lacking.
  • Make it a themed Halloween party. Rather than just having a traditional costume party, name a theme so it’s easier for your guests to zero in on a costume choice. Zombies are hotter than ever, so maybe this is the year to make your party a zombie Halloween party and see what kind of creative costumes your guests can come up with. If your first theme party is a success, you might be inspired to name a new theme every year.
  • Provide your guests with resources. Maybe you have a favorite thrift store where you always find all your Halloween gear. Or a website that you like to use that offers a huge selection of costumes at affordable prices. Don’t be selfish – share with your guests to accomplish your goal of having everyone show up in costume.
  • Have great pictures from Halloween parties of the past? Send them out with your invitations, or post them to the Facebook page you’ve created for your party. That way those who are skeptical will have evidence that they won’t be the only ones who show up in costume.