How to Create a Bloody Wound Video


Yikes, look at that gaping wound! Your flesh is torn and bits of muscle and ligament are swelling and covered in puss and blood. How did this happen? Easy, you learned how from watching our video, Special Effects | Bloody Wound Makeup Tutorial. Sound gross? It is, but it is also surprisingly easy to do. Our resident makeup artist, Jill Hansen-Lelesi has created this time-lapse video with step by step instructions to make a bloody wound.

The total time it took to create this bloody gash was a 1/2 hour. They used the arm of our willing victim, Brittany, to apply the wound but this technique will work on any part of the face or body.

Giving the glue time to dry is vital so be patient. You can use a fan to help speed things up, if necessary.  You can make your wound any way you want it – zig-zag, a clean slash or all chopped up. You can’t do it wrong as long as you follow the steps. The most important thing to getting the most realistic appearance is to make sure the makeup along the edges is perfectly blended to your skin tone.

All of the materials needed (except the toilet paper of course) are sold at This technique will work for zombie costumes, horror film characters, gory Halloween costumes and more.