How to Conduct a Séance


Medium conducting a seance

A séance is a meeting where a person or group enlists the service of a medium to communicate with the dead.

Mediums are usually psychics hired to perform the ritual but anyone that considers themselves to be intuitive and open minded can conduct a séance.

Communicating with the dead can serve several purposes. You may want to contact a specific person and get answers to questions. Perhaps you are simply curious to see if there is really anything beyond this life. Either way, you are in for an entertaining experience.

To conduct a proper séance you will need to do the following:

  1. Find a quiet room that is free from distraction. All cell phones should be off and pets should be out of the room.
  2. Decide whom it is that you wish to contact from the great beyond. You can begin with asking, “is there a spirit in the room” but beware, as you will not want to attract any uninvited evil spirits.
  3. Dim the lights and gather in a circle. You can be at a table or sitting comfortably on the floor.
  4. It is easiest for spirits to communicated using a vehicle such as a Ouija board or a pendulum to answer yes/no questions. Let’s say for the sake of this lesson that you choose a Ouija board but you don’t have one. In the most rudimentary sense, all you need is a smooth flat surface and an upside-down drinking glass. A shot glass works for 2-3 people and an “old-fashioned” glass is good for 2-6
  5. To begin, everyone can join in a common prayer or say one to yourself. As you reflect/pray, imaging yourself bathed in a protective light. Release your thoughts and open your mind. With every breath you inhale, open your mind to accepting spirits into the room. After a moment of two of this meditation, state your request to communicate with the spirit and let them know that your intentions are friendly.
  6. Everyone should now place two fingertips, barely touching the glass and the medium summons the spirit to move the glass to her left for yes, and to her right for no.
  7. Request that the spirit makes his or her presence known by moving the glass. Be aware of any other signs such as a tap or other movement.
  8. Repeat until the glass moves. When you have established contact you can now begin asking your yes/no questions.
  9. When you are done, ask the spirit to return to the light and go in peace. Visualize the spirit leaving the room.
  10. Take a moment to say a cleansing prayer or meditate in a way that exudes positive energy and turn the lights back on. You are done.