How to Bring More Fun to Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving PilgrimsThanksgiving is a time where we take a break and say thanks for all the good things in our lives. But just because it’s a time for reflection and gratitude, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun.

Whether you have a fun-loving family, or want to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends ahead of time with a party in the weeks leading up to the holiday, there are number of ways you can add a little life to your gathering.

  • Costumes:Get creative and think beyond the original participants in the first Thanksgiving. Turkeys, pumpkins, a human cornucopia? Sure! Give a prize to the person with the most creative costume related to Thanksgiving.
  • Make it a true harvest fest:Thanksgiving has long been a food-centric holiday, but the original reason for it was to celebrate the bounty of the harvest. Get back to the roots of the holiday by encouraging guests to bring dishes that feature items they grew in their garden or flavors specific to your locale. It’s a fun way to get back to the origins of the holiday.
  • Add some fun to the game:For better or worse, the Thanksgiving football games are a part of many families’ traditions. If your family will be inevitably glued to the TV – or sleeping in front of it – consider some popular football-related games like the betting squares ( game. This will make it more fun for those who might not be otherwise interested in the game and encourage interaction.
  • Start a large-scale cooking ritual: If you’ve always wanted to roast a pig or do a large scale stew like a booyah, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to organize this with your family or friends. Half the fun of these types of culinary experiences is the social experience that comes with spending hours seeing the project through.