Horror Cosplays at NYCC

On October 3rd-6th, cosplayers descended on the Javits Center in New York City. Some costumes were cute, some mindblowing and others were scary. Characters ranged from superhero and fantasy movies to comic books and animated series. Another majorly represented genre for cosplayers were horror characters. With so many different looks to choose from, there was so much to see. But one thing all of the costumes had in common was being frighteningly awesome.

If you know anything about us, you know we like all things spooky. So our team was on the hunt to find all the best horror cosplays at New York Comic Con 2019. Check out our highlight reel to see these some of the best costumes in action.


It might not be Halloween yet, but that didn’t stop Michael Myers from killing it in the Crystal Palace.

Just like we were on a hunt for horror cosplayers, Stan The Zombie was on a hunt for brains.

Just smile and wave and everything will be fine.

Pennywise spotted us snapping a picture. We don’t know how we feel about that. Cosplay by @pennywisecosplay

This Predator by @the_official_predator was out of this world good.

@barbiechulanyc was such a doll to shoot.

This Pyramid Head loomed above the crowd alongside her nurse. Genderbent Pyramid Head: @vvvcosplay Nurse: @nem0_syne

Here’s another take on the iconic Silent Hill characters.

We didn’t even need a pair of special glasses to see this guy.

We felt compelled to spend our money on all the comic con goods so maybe They Live wasn’t as fictitious as we thought.

Friday, she was the doll. And Saturday she came equipped with a pocket-sized companion to her Pennywise look.

It’s safe to say that @barbiechulanyc makes terrifying look good.

These Walking Dead cosplayers look like they leaped right off the comic con badges and right into the action. We were not emotionally prepared for them to reenact that scene while we munched on some food truck noms. Props to this group: @jessicatcos @the_doc10 @_theloveofcosplay @eliza_jones86 @mojo_tactical @spoonanza @sonnengartens

What’s your favorite scary movie? This group covered some of the best!

Scary doesn’t even begin to describe these cosplays. But it’s safe to say that the cosplayers at New York Comic Con 2019 pulled out all the stops. After another frighteningly fun time at NYCC, we’re only scared to have to wait a whole other year to get back on the convention floor.

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