Hooked Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Hooked Mermaid Makeup Tutorial


The legend of the Mermaid goes back centuries, and myths of their existence have been passed down by sea travelers from around the globe. But even today the allure of this oceanic beauty still captures our imaginations, and various versions of the Sirens of the Sea frequently bubble up into pop culture.

The quirky, curious Ariel of Disney’s The Little Mermaid introduced a whole new audience to Mermaids, one that thinks being seaworthy is over-rated and that a young, independent female should be allowed to follow her own path. But on the flip side, most mermaid stories portray a temptress who lures men to their true love or to their watery graves. Splash tells the story of the unlikely pairing between a human and a full-blooded mer-person, and their struggle to live happily ever after. While the made-for-TV movie She Creature leaves blood swirling in the wake of a 1900 trans-Atlantic ship as the crew of the ship falls victim to one mermaid’s darker side.

But hey, we are here to prove that not all Mermaids are bad, nor are they all innocent. Let us show you how to turn yourself into a modern day mermaid. Feel free to take this look halfway, and stop before you get hooked.

Mermaid step 1

For this look we prepped a real fish hook, but cutting it and filing it down.
Start by filling in the eyebrows with purple.
Line the outer edge of the lower lash with turquoise.

Mermaid step 2

Pull a fish net wig cap over the fore head.
Sponge or brush pigment over the fish net to create a scaled look.

Mermaid step 3

Cut the wig cap and have your model hold it over the cheek.
Sponge some pigment over the net just under the cheek bones.

Mermaid step 4

Unroll a cotton ball and brush liquid latex on the cheek at the corner of the mouth.
Apply the fibers over the latex.

Mermaid step 5

Coat the cotton with more latex.
Slide the hook pieces under the cotton fiber and coat with latex.

Mermaid step 6

Use more cotton coated in latex to hold the hook in the desired position.

Mermaid step 07

Trim any excess fiber.
Roll up two small pieces of cotton into long strips.
Apply along either side of the hook to add swelling and coat in liquid latex.

Mermaid step 8

While the latex dries apply false eyelashes.
Cover the cotton with foundation to match skin tone.
Add the look of irritation by sponging red makeup around the cotton.


Mermaid step 9

Fill in the space between the swelling with purple-black to create shadow.
Go over the shadow with red makeup and fake blood.

Mermaid step 10

Use the handle of a makeup brush and roll it along the edge of the swelling to smooth any wrinkles.
Use a rough brush to stipple specks of blood around the wound.

Mermaid step 11

Add glitter flakes above the cheek bones.
Paint on a lip stain.
Put on a wig.
Now you’re mermaid style is off the hook!

Hooked Mermaid Makeup Final Look

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