We all know the feeling; Halloween sometimes creeps up and you haven’t even thought about a costume yet. In the past, you’ve probably stressed about trying to piece together a last-minute look.

Now, though, Wholesale Halloween Costumes has a list of great outfit ideas for you, and the best part is that all you need is a hoodie!

13. Wolf

Wolf Hoodie

Image via elli.com

Who’s afraid of a little do-it-yourself project? This awesome wolf hoodie is simple to make and fun to wear. Disclaimer: Don’t try to huff or puff or blow anybody’s house down.  Make this costume.

12. Shark

Shark Hoodie

Image via makeit-loveit.com

Duh nuh…. Duh nuh… Duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh. Okay, so maybe you won’t look at scary as Jaws, but making this costume hoodie is so easy, you can throw the movie on while you piece it together. Make this costume.

11. Lion

Lion Hoodie

Image via abeautifulmess.com

Forget being royalty in the jungle. When you make your own lion costume out of a hoodie and some yarn this Halloween, you’ll be the king or queen of everything the light touches. Make this costume.

10. Bumblebee

Bumblebee Hoodie

Image via dollarstorecrafts.com

It’s really going to sting when your child’s friends didn’t think to make this hoodie costume. This simple bumblebee DIY is the perfect fit for any boy or girl this Halloween. Make this costume.

9. Crab

Crab Hoodie

Image via womansday.com

Sebastian once told us that everything was better down under the sea, but with a crab costume like this one, you can have plenty of fun on the dry land, too! Make this costume.

8. Bat

Bat Hoodie

Image via evilmadscientist.com

Nobody will confuse you for The Dark Knight in this transformed hoodie, but that’s okay! This creative take on the unofficial rodent of Halloween can be part of a couples costume with your favorite vampire. Make this costume.

7. Goldfish

Goldfish Hoodie

Image via jennabrand.com

Your friends won’t have any issues finding you this Halloween. Follow this tutorial on how to make a goldfish costume, or take an extra step, add a white stripe and have your friends calling you Nemo. Make this costume.

6. Octopus

Octopus Hoodie

Image via instructables.com

What’s soft, smiley and has eight tentacles? This DIY octopus costume. With a few socks and some creativity, you can turn any regular old hoodie into a cephalopod. Make this costume.

5. Little Lamb

Lamb Hoodie

Image via Parents Magazine

Lots of cotton balls and a black hoodie turn you or your child into the little lamb that Mary had. Follow her to school, but just be sure to keep this little lamb away from #13 on our list. Make this costume.

4. Panda Bear

Panda Hoodie

Image via lifeannstyle.com

This great DIY costume looks as cuddly as can be. Turn a plain white hoodie into a panda bear to ensure that you’re the cutest at any party. Make this costume.

3. Dinosaur

Dinosaur Hoodie

Image via jennabrand.com

Jurassic World was such a hit this summer that it’s bound to make its way to your block for some trick-or-treating. Instead of being the person who randomly makes dinosaur noises, make dinosaur noises in this awesome hoodie idea. Make this costume.

2. Totoro


Image via sloabn.com

Totoro, of the 1988 anime-fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro makes for the perfect DIY Halloween costume. Grab a gray hoodie and turn yourself into one of the most popular anime characters of all-time. Make this costume.

1. Olaf

Olaf Hoodie

Image via desertchica.com

Do you love summer and warm hugs? Then what better hoodie transformation for you than everybody’s favorite snowman, Olaf? This is a great DIY sweatshirt that anyone can enjoy. Make this costume.


Not that we condone waiting until the last minute to think up your Halloween costume, but now you can! Hopefully, you found some inspiration from this list. Be sure to let us know which one you liked best in the comments below! And if DIY projects aren’t for you, don’t forget that Wholesale Halloween Costumes can make shopping for the holiday quick and easy!