The Best Costume Hoodie Tutorials From Our Blog

If only dressing up in costume was as easy as throwing on one extra cozy layer. We think that sometimes it can be that easy. We’ve got eight ways to turn a basic hoodie into a homemade costume for your little ones. These costumes are so comfy, your kids won’t want to take them off. We have templates for you to download to make it easier and there are step-by-step instructions for each look. So whether you are the proud parent of a wannabe unicorn, dragon, superhero, or adorable vampire read on to help encourage the wild imaginations that burn inside them.

Most of these hoodie tutorials were written, created and shot by our Hoodie Maestro, Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more of her DIY projects and Printables!

Sonic the Hedgehog Hoodie

DIY Sonic The Hedgehog Hoodie Final

This Sonic the Hedgehog Hoodie is a sleek look.

Baby Yoda Hoodie

DIY Baby Yoda Hoodie and Slippers Tutorial

This Baby Yoda hoodie is a whole mood tbh.

Sloth Hoodie

DIY No Sew Sloth Hoodie

Life moves pretty fast and sometimes. This Sloth Hoodie is for those who don’t like to rush.

Baby Shark Hoodie

Baby Shark Hoodies Final

Our Baby Shark Hoodie Tutorial has a hoodie template for every shark in the family.

Elsa Hoodie Tutorial

DIY Elsa Hoodie Final 1

This Elsa Hoodie will have you looking like a queen.

Spider Gwen Hoodie

DIY Spider Gwen Hoodie

Just add a pair of web-slingers to this Spider Gwen Hoodie to complete the look.

DIY Dragon Hoodie with Wings and Tail

DIY Dragon Wings and Tail Tutorial DIY Dragon Wings and Tail Tutorial

Maybe you want to be the mother of dragons like Daenerys Targaryen. Well if you follow this tutorial for DIY Dragon Hoodie with Wings and Tail you can be!

DIY Captain Marvel Hoodie

DIY Captain Marvel Hoodie Costume

She exploded onto the scene as the next amazing SHERO in the Marvel cinematic universe and now you can show your support for her by following this DIY Captain Marvel Hoodie tutorial.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Final 4

Sometimes the real world can be a little repetitive and a splash of magic and imagination can add a new sparkle to the usual. This DIY Unicorn Hoodie Tutorial will refresh your basic wardrobe with a magical flare so you can look as unique on the outside as you are on the inside.

DIY Vampirina Hoodie

Vampirina Hoodie Final 2

Did you know not all vampires are mean and evil? They can also be ADORABLE! This DIY Vampirina Hoodie tutorial will have your little one going batty over how cute it is!

DIY Lovebug Hoodie

DIY Lovebug Hoodie - Valentine's Day Hoodie

This snuggly little love bug is sweet enough to warm your heart! Check out the tutorial for this heart covered Lady Bug Hoodie here.

DIY Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Hoodie

Fornite has a firm hold on its status in pop culture. And what is it they say? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Make this DIY Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Hoodie for yourself and you might feel like a winner!

DIY Reindeer Hoodie

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie

Woodland critters have a way of making us all say awww! And this DIY Reindeer Hoodie on your kid will too.

DIY Elf Hoodie

DIY Elf Hoodie - Christmas Costume

Need help planning your Christmas in July (or regular Christmas)? You just need your own Santa’s helper. Follow our DIY Elf Hoodie tutorial and you won’t have to do it all by yours-elf.

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