Have a Mardi Gras Party on a Budget


If you are like me, you will look for any excuse to host a party. Mardi Gras is high on the list of awesome party themes for the costumes and tradition but also for the permission to let-yourself-go wild. However, if you are like most of us right now, your budget prevents you from hosting big parties. Well, we are here to tell you that you can have a top-notch Mardi Gras Costume Party for next to nothing. Here’s how:

  • Decorate with purple, green and gold balloons and paper streamers. They are super cheap, colorful, easy to put up and clean up.
  • Play an fun mix of Free Mardi Gras Music – Pandora and satellite radio offer the best options. Pandora has a station called Mardi Gras in New Orleans Radio.
  • Mardi Gras Costumes and Mardi Gras Beads – as the lowest price wholesale source for all types of costumes, Wholesale Halloween Costumes sells Mardi Gras costumes for as little as $14,  masks for less than $1.00 and Mardi Gras hats starting at just $2.50. But the best bargain, as well as being the biggest necessity is beads. You can get a bucket of 144 Mardi Gras beads (enough for everyone at your party to have a bunch) for just $18.90. That’s just 13 cents each!
  • Serve inexpensive Mardi Gras food. The base of Jambalaya is rice, one of the most delicious, filling and cheat foods in the world. Make a couple of trays of Easy Cajun Jambalaya and your guests will go crazy. Also, you can make purple, green and gold frosted cupcakes. Before frosting, stuff a small toy into two of them. This is a Mardi Gras tradition done with King Cakes. The guests that get the cupcake with the toy not only become the King and Queen of the party, but it will be their responsibility to host the next Mardi Gras party.
  • Drinks – The traditional drink of Mardi Gras is the Hurricane. To make a Hurricane Punch for a crowd mix 32 ounces of bottled red fruit punch, 1 can frozen limeade concentrate, 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate, 2 cups of water,  1 1/2 cups light rum and 1 1/2 cups dark rum.

If you are going to the Big Easy for an authentic Mardi Gras celebration, you need to check out these tips to New Orleans Mardi Gras on a Budget.