You might not want to check yourself into Arkham Asylum. With notable patients like The Joker, you never know what could happen. Just ask Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel.  Is that name not familiar to you?  Maybe the supervillian Harley Quinn rings a bell.

She’s known as The Joker’s on-again, off-again lover and accomplice.  Her name is a play on the Harlequin character from Commedia dell’arte and her original depiction reflected that as well. But just like all the other characters in the DC Comic’s universe, things change.  Now the image that’s synonymous with Harley Quinn is Margot Robbie’s look in this year’s Suicide Squad.

We’re talking short shorts, a “Daddy’s Little Monster” ringer tee and bomber jacker. Her pigtails might make you recall a sense of innocence, but there’s nothing innocent about this psychiatrist turned supervillain. Because of her psychological background, she’s good at getting into people’s heads. Add her gymnastic skills and the fact that she’s immune to poisons and toxins thanks to her good friend Poison Ivy, it’s no wonder why she ended up getting locked up.

Until Amanda Waller saw an opportunity to put together a team that was ultimately expendable to complete some black ops missions.

No matter what she’s doing, we can’t help but love Harley Quinn. From her accent to her one-liners, we’re excited to see Margot Robbie bring this comic book character to life on the big screen this August. But since we couldn’t wait, we got our friend Caitlyn Kreklewich to teach us how to bring a blended comic book and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn to life sooner.

Check out the video she created for us or follow along with the step-by-step instructions below.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 01

Fill in brows with a taupe pencil and brush them out for a natural finish.

Sweep bright pink eyeshadow messily across the top eyelid. Also blend the pink under the eye before dragging the color down from the outer corner of the eye. Use your finger to add more pigment and enhance the smears under the eye.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 02

Repeat the same steps to the other eye, but use a bright blue eyeshadow instead.

To add dimension, use an angled brush with the corresponding eyeshadow and drag it through the smudged areas.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 03

With black eyeliner, messily line the top and bottom of your eyes. Then apply mascara to your lashes.

Add some fluffy fake eyelashes for a bold and dramatic look.

HarleyStep04Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 04

Use red lipstick on your angled brush to create a gash on your forehead.

Use a liquid liner marker to start adding in the pop art details.

Outline your brows to define them and help them stand out. Draw in a few lines going in the direction of your natural hair to make them more cartoon-like.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 05

Add a bit of grunge by smudging black eyeshadow on various parts of your face using your finger. Make sure to only go in one direction for each smudge. Sweep the eyeshadow either up and down or right and left to grunge up the look.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 06

Draw in Harley Quinn’s heart tattoo with black eyeliner.

Use black lines to define your nose. Outline the bridge of your nose and around your nostrils.

Accentuate other parts of your face like your Cupid’s Bow, the hollows of your eyes, under your eyes, your chin, your forehead gash and along your cheeks.

Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 07

Fill in your lips with bright red lipstick. Then outline your lips with the black eyeliner.

Create crease marks on your lips as well.

Drag the black eyeliner up and down from the lower lashline to create the pop art smears under your eyes.

Using a lip brush, drag the red lipstick down from the corner of your mouth.

HarleyStep08Pop Art Harley Quinn Step 08

With white liquid liner, add highlights to your lips.

Harley Quinn and Her Bubblegum

If you couldn’t snag a costume, Caitlyn shows you how you can paint Harley’s new look right onto your body!  Follow her steps in the video to learn how to add shadow and highlights to make the painted clothes look realistic.


Assemble your own squad! We’ve got makeup tutorials for the Joker, Killer Croc and El Diablo (coming soon!) just in time for Halloween. Don’t forget to check out Caitlyn’s YouTube channel for more looks by her!

So if you’re suiting up as Harley Quinn, we want to see. And that’s no joke, puddin’. Share some pics with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

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Harley Quinn Pop Art Makeup Tutorial