Halloween Decoration Fails

Halloween Decoration Fails

Matt Shanley

It’s a sad fact of life: Some of us just simply aren’t as crafty as others.

For that reason, we’re hoping that some of you let your friends do the Halloween primping around your house this year. Trust us – You don’t want to look like the people who fell victim to these decoration fails.

8. Pumpkin Babies

Pumpkin Baby

Images via gracobaby.com / Instagram

Can people just stop putting babies in things? Pumpkins, pots, etc., etc. Babies belong in cribs and blankets and arms and those little walkers that make them even more adorable because they can’t stand up straight.

7. Snake Wreath

Images via marthastewart.com / pinstrosity.blogspot.com

Maybe this snake wreath would look more closely-related to its inspiration if it were spray painted black? Yeah, probably not.

6. Balloon Spider Webs

Balloon Web

Image via topix.com

To be fair, a lot of effort goes into this one. Blowing up balloons is practically a job in and of itself. Still, though… Looks like this person struggled pretty mightily.

5. Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkin

Images via aglimpseinsideblog.com / instagram.com

What’s the purpose for a glitter pumpkin? Are you friends with Ke$ha? And why is it only half-glittered like Harvey Dent?

4. Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Images via jennymayandswede.blogspot.com / instagram.com

This one just seems messy to us, so we’re glad somebody else tried and failed before we got the chance.

3. Candy Corn Pumpkins

Candy Corn Pumpkin

Images via marythekay.typepad.com and Instagram

Candy corn might be the least appealing of all the Halloween candies, so why would you want your pumpkins to replicate it? Luckily for this person, you can hardly tell that was their intention.

2. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Trash Bag Webs

Images via howaboutorange.blogspot.com.au / instagram.com

Disclaimer: If you do this with a white trash bag and you do a really poor job anyway, it’s going to look like a second grader tried making a snowflake.

1. Chevron Pumpkin

Chevron Pumpkin

Images via eggsandpethair.blogspot.com / pinterestfail.com

Ugh. RIP.


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