You won’t need to shrink the size of your heart at all to dress up as this classic character this Christmas.  The Grinch is the only character to not only rival but overshadow Scrooge’s anti-holiday spirit.  He’s got a wicked temper and is always out to ruin something. However, by the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas he goes from Who-hating to miracle growing that heart of his.  And because of that, we’re recreating his look to steal the show this Christmas.

Besides his iconic green hue, the Grinch is known for his expressive eyebrows and deep frown lines.  With a little face paint, it won’t be hard to figure out who you’re dressed up as (even though he’s technically a What living in Whoville).  Watch the full video or follow along with the steps below!


Find a reference photo online to use as a guide.
Start by sponging Grinch colored green makeup all over the face.

Use a brush to make sure the eyelids are completely covered.
Using a thin brush and black paint, draw on exaggerated arched eyebrows
Add wrinkles over the bridge of the nose between the eyes.
Add slight shading to the inner corners of the upper eyelid and blend out.
Continue adding bushiness to the eyebrows with lots of short, thin tapered lines.


Line the upper lid with a thin black line and drag the line out into crow’s feet along the outer corners.
Start mapping out the wrinkles around the rest of the face.
Draw on a circle that will be filled in later on the tip of the nose.
Mix green in with the black makeup to add shading above the wrinkle lines.


Fill in the tip of the nose. Keep it darker around the edge and blend in.
Add points to the corners of the mouth with the black makeup.
Mix the green makeup with white. Paint below the wrinkles. Blend well.
Move around the face adding highlights and shadow as needed.


Line the lower lid to make the eyes pop.
Add shading to the chin and and forehead.
Use white to add highlights to the brows.
Add whisker spots all across the upper lip.
Now may the Grinch find “the strength of ten Grinches… plus two.”


When the real Grinch was off stealing all of the presents and decorations, you’ll be stealing all the attention at any holiday party.  Share your very own versions of this Grinch look on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!