You don’t have to go to Hawaii for a Great Luau


When the weather heats up, one of the best ways to relax and cool down is to throw a backyard luau. Evoking the laid-back island culture of Hawaii, a luau is a great way to and revel in the weather on a nice summer day or evening.

You can decide how far you want to take your celebration, but here are a few key ingredients to a successful luau:

  • Grilled food: You can go the whole way with the traditional whole hog roasted on a spit, or just stick to foods on your conventional backyard grill. If you decide to do a pig roast, contact local butcher shops to see if they have the proper cooking equipment for rent. Kabobs with roasted pineapple are a refreshing treat that keeps with the Hawaiian theme.
  • Tiki bar: Serve fruity tropical drinks in tiki glasses. Line your serving table with bamboo panels or thatching, or go the whole way and build a backyard tiki bar to make your backyard a more tropical location for the summer. Display colorful fruits and flowers for a more festive theme.
  • Audience participation: Encourage your guests to dress to fit the theme, from Hawaiian shirts to grass skirts, and have guests vote on the most authentic, hilarious or sexy outfits. If any of your friends are musicians, ask them to bring their guitars or ukuleles and provide some theme music. Have a hula competition and present an award to the person who does it best (or most … creatively).

With those three ingredients, you should be all set for a hot summer party. Since a luau is meant to be laid back, plan your party in a way that will allow your group of friends to have the most fun. There’s no wrong way to throw a luau.