Dress for Laughs: Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Funniest Looks

Dress for Laughs: Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Funniest Looks

Matt Shanley

Who ever said that Halloween was supposed to be scary? Wholesale Halloween Costumes encourages you to dress however you like – Even if you’re just putting on a getup to make your friends laugh!

Whether you’re looking to mimic those tacky tourists that you see on every vacation, or push the envelope with a costume that’s a little more edgy, Wholesale Halloween Costumes has the perfect funny costume ideas to help you light up a room this Halloween.

1. Tacky Tourist Costume

tacky tourist costume

Everybody has encountered those tacky tourists that are too busy taking pictures at trees to notice that there are people behind them, and now you can honor them by looking just like them. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Tacky Tourist Costume – Click Here

2. Breathalyzer Costume

breathalyzer costume

Not only will a breathalyzer prevent your friends from drinking and driving, but this specific breathalyzer might make people think twice about drinking altogether!

Breathalyzer Costume – Click Here

3. But Mommy, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Costume

baby costume

Does anybody ever really want to grow up? You shouldn’t have to! Take your Halloween back to the days of piggy-back rides and binkies with this creative spin on a baby costume.

But Mommy, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Costume – Click Here

4. Cry Baby Costume

cry baby costume

Let’s keep this baby costume trend going. You know what’s more comfortable than clothes? Or a costume? Nothing. Wearing nothing but a diaper must have been the most freeing feeling, and it’s a shame it’s not socially acceptable for people over the age of 2-years old.

Cry Baby Costume – Click Here

5. Lost Dog Costume

lost dog costume

If you’ve recently lost your dog, Wholesale Halloween Costumes knows of one place you might not have thought to look…

Lost Dog Costume – Click Here

6. Couples USB Port & Stick Costume

usb costume

This updated version of the classic “Plug and Outlet” costume will have you looking offensive and technologically savvy all at once!

USB Port & Stick Costume – Click Here

7. Bun in the Oven Costume

maternity costume

What better way to announce your pregnancy than publicizing it via your Halloween costume? The classic phrase of “having a bun in the oven” is taken literally with this look!

Bun in the Oven Costume – Click Here

8. Whoopie Cushion Costume

whoopie cushion costume

There may not be a more timeless costume than that of a Whoopie Cushion. Everybody’s favorite pink rubber bag full of fart noises was invented in the early 1920’s, and now you can wear it. Just make sure all of its coinciding noises are made with your mouth, and not other body parts.

Whoopie Cushion Costume – Click Here

9. Abominable Snowman Cage Costume

abominable snowman costume

What do you get when you go hunting in the Himalayas? Captured. Dress like somebody who took a trip to the mountains and came back in a less-than-desirable way.

Abominable Snowman Cage Costume – Click Here

10. Tinker Belly Costume

tinkerbell costume

When Peter Pan said, “It’s off to Neverland,” nobody was expecting it was for a visit to the buffet line. Tinker Belly is a not-so-flattering take on the classic pixie dust-tossing fairy.

Tinker Belly Costume – Click Here

You and your friends will be the hit of any party when you show up in one of these funny costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Have you seen any other costumes that made your belly burst? Shout them out in the comments below!