Fun Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks


Spring cleaning is something that most people dread. You’ll get through it with ease and may even enjoy the experience if you tackle it with determination and arm yourself with the proper tools.

What to Wear

I suggest you wear something that you don’t mind ruining. You may very well wear out the knees and get bleach stains on it before the day is done. Although, if you want to get your significant other to help you, perhaps you should spice things up with a French Maid outfit. Scratch that, you’ll probably never get anything done. Save the naughty maid fantasy for after the house is clean.

Cleaning Products

The new trend leans toward non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners but for this once-a year big clean up you need to break out the heavy artillery.  I’m talking about bleach. It cleans and disinfects like nothing else. Get a scented variety and mix it in a ratio is 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Use it by the bucketful to scrub floors and put it in a spray bottle to get the mold and mildew off of showers and tubs. It also does wonders on the toilet and the windows. NOTE: Never mix bleach with ammonia. It causes toxic and potentially lethal fumes.

The other must have tool is a Magic Eraser. This thing cleans everything and it is especially good at getting soap scum and hard water stains off of shower doors.


Getting organized is half the battle. It is so easy for things to pile up. Now is the time to sort through the junk mail and paperwork and clean out that junk drawer. The rule of thumb is that is you haven’t looked at the item for at least a month, then toss it.  Empty the drawer and keep only the necessities. Go through the junk pile and keep only the outstanding bills and vital information.

A mail center organizer will help you sort the bills from other correspondence. You can also organize your stamps, pens and stationary. Better yet, go paperless and pay all of your bills online and correspond exclusively through email. As a general rule, I put unsolicited junk mail directly into the recycling so it never touches the counter in the first place.

Rubbermaid containers, wicker baskets and closet organizing systems are also a few examples of how you can get your stuff organized. Check out these before and after photos. Click on them to see a bigger picture:

What is really comes down to is time, determination and elbow grease. I for one go with an entirely different method. For the once-a-year spring cleaning, I call a service, go out for the day and come home to a clean house.