Let’s face it.  There’s nothing glamorous about frostbite.  When we get even the slightest bit cold or the wind is just a bit chillier than we’re used to, we claim frostbite.  Sure, our face might get a little rosy after Jack Frost nips at our noses and snowflakes might turn into ice when they get caught on your eyelashes.  But with the right makeup, frostbite goes from painful to beautiful.

Winter is coming and so are all the holiday-themed parties.  While everyone else is hating the cold, you can embrace it.  Show Elsa who the real Ice Queen is with a frosty look.  With the right colors and the right crystals, you’ll be frozen in time as the best dressed at your holiday parties this season.


Sweep light purple/pinkish eye shadow from lash line to crease. Line the upper lash line with black and wing the line out slightly.


Use watered down red makeup and a brush with stiff bristles. Flick the bristles and spatter red over the cheeks, tip of the nose and chin to create rosy, wind-burned skin.


Sweep silver makeup above your cheekbones, brows, chin, bridge of nose, and jaw line. Blend as you go.


Cover the lips in light blue pearlescent makeup. Sweep the same blue under the cheekbones and on the temples. Blend out.


Also add and blend a little blue under the eyes and brows.


We sponged Elmer’s gel glue over the cheek bones to glue on fake frost crystals. Sprinkle glitter over the glue.


Sponge gel glue over the eyebrows and cover with fake frost and glitter.


Repeat the same process on the tip of the nose and on the chin. Before the glue dried we added glitter flakes on top of the the crystals and glitter.


Glue on a pair sparkling fake eye lashes and allow to dry.
Apply a couple dabs of gel glue to the tips of the lashes and stick on 2-3 fake frost crystals.
You are now ready to chill!



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