It’s not uncommon on Halloween to see men dressing up as women, both seriously and humorously.  But there seems to be a severe lack of women dressing up as male figures during the same time.  And to be honest, I think a convincing female to male transformation is way easier because makeup.  Many of us ladies wear makeup every day, so why not try out a new look for Halloween?  Just like magic you’ll be looking in the mirror at your 5 o’clock shadow, unkempt eyebrows and chiseled features.

Take a look at our female to male makeup transformation to see what we mean!


Use a color darker than your skin tone to add shadows to the corners of the eye and above the crease. Bring the shadow down under the eye as well.


Paint some spirit gum under the chin and apply hair to tacky areas (we used crepe wool for hair). Repeat on both sides. Create another layer of hair on the front of the chin.


Our wool was grey, so we used black hair spray to match our model’s hair.

Use a stippling sponge to add stubble to the upper lip with black makeup.


Use black makeup to make the eyebrows bushier.

We want to see your transformations!  If you tried out this look don’t forget to use #WHCdoesSFX when you share a picture on Twitter or Instagram!


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