10 Funniest DIY Halloween Costumes

10 Funniest DIY Halloween Costumes

Matt Shanley

Sure, a lot of the looks that you can choose from at Wholesale Halloween Costumes might make you laugh this Halloween. Sometimes, though, there’s nothing more humorous than originality.

That’s why we applaud the creators of these 15 costumes, and hope that you’ll use their ideas as inspiration this October 31st.

15. Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan

Image via funnyjunk.com

The point of actual fans is to keep you cool, but “cool” isn’t exactly the word we’d use when describing this costume. It is funny, though, and not what most people expect when you say “ceiling fan.”

14. 404: Costume Not Found

Image via Survive College Today

Image via Survive College Today

Are you super lazy and also a computer nerd? This “404: Costume Not Found” costume is perfect for you. Take a sharpie to a plain white t-shirt, and you’re all set!

13. Nudist on Strike

Nudist on Strike

Image via witf.org

Your “Nudist on Strike” costume will require a little more effort than your “404: Costume Not Found” costume. And when we say “a little more effort,” we really just mean that you’re writing on a picket sign instead of a t-shirt… And you have to hold it.

12. 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

Image via Instructables

Do you want to represent your favorite book this Halloween without being arrested for public indecency? Try this G-Rated version of 50 Shades of Grey by taking 50 shades of gray paint samples.

11. French Kiss

French Kiss

Image via Buzzfeed

Je veus rock and roll toute la nuit. Infuse your cultural expertise with your love of rock and roll by becoming a beloved play on words this Halloween: French Kiss.

10. Ginger Bread Man

gingerbread man

Image via Gray Donkey

He may be soulless, but at least he can offer you quality baked goods.

9. Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer

Image via americasaves.org

Poor Tony the Tiger. Poor Toucan Sam. Ugh. Don’t even get us started on Snap, Crackle and Pop. This costume is super creative, and really easy to make, but it comes at the expense of so many of our loved ones.

8. Spice Rack

Spice Rack

Image via Reddit

A grown man in a bra? Sure, that could be slightly disturbing for some. A grown man in a bra that’s filled with a variety of spices and seasonings? There’s no argument: That’s disturbing for everyone.

7. Fantasy Football

fantasy football

Image via Next Day Flyers

When you hear the term Fantasy Football, what do you see? For those not well-versed in the sports or gambling worlds, you might see a bunch of wizards throwing around the pigskin, kind of how this costume emulates.

6. Guy Caught in a Storm

Guy caught in a storm

Image via nemieigh.weebly.com

Turn an umbrella inside out, attach some loose paper and a leaf or two to your outfit, and complete the ensemble by pretending to struggle. You’re caught in a storm!

5. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Image via The Trojan Times

Delightful coffee or basketball-playing pastries? Both are products of the name Dunkin’ Donuts.

4. Sexy Ghost

Sexy Ghost

Image via Pinterest

If you’re looking to add the perfect amount of “sexy” to your scary costume this Halloween, why not use this Sexy Ghost costume for inspiration? Mom and dad will have no problems letting you leave the house like this.

3. Bud Lightbeer

Bud Lightbeer

Image via Pinterest

To the liquor store… And beyond!

2. YouTube Video


Image via Pinterest

Want to be a YouTube celebrity, but lacking the professional cameras and lighting? No worries. Just make a cardboard cutout of a YouTube screenshot, and live out your ideal video.

1. Childhood in a Box

VHS Tape

Image via FanPhobia

If your youth didn’t come in cardboard cassette casing, we pity you. Relive your glory days by becoming a VHS tape for Halloween. Fun hack: Make it orange if you were more of a Nickelodeon kid than a Disney one.


If you’re looking to put a little less mental effort into your Halloween costume this year, but still want to help your friends get a quick laugh, be sure to check out Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ wide selection of Funny Costumes.