12 Epic Pet Halloween Costumes

Matt Shanley
Pet Costumes

What’s better than a funny Halloween costume? How about a creative costume for your pet! We know that many of your most creative ideas might come at night when it’s just you and your pup cuddling on the couch, so why leave him out of the fun this Fall?

Check out 12 of the pet costumes that we think are super epic:

12. Three-Headed Puppy Monster

Three Headed Dogs

Image via motleydogs.com

What’s more adorable than your dog having one head? How about your dog having three heads? Unfortunately, only one of those heads can give you kisses when you get home from work.

11. Extra Dry Martini

Martini Dog Costume

Image via pinterest

Help your dog see the bright side in every situation by turning his “cone of shame” into the center of your entertainment. Disclaimer: These martinis are only extra dry until they roll around in your backyard after it rains.

10. Poop Factory

Poop Factory

Image via turtlesandtails.blogspot.com

Kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except not really like that at all.

9. BatCat


Image via brit.co

He may not be the hero you deserve, but BatCat is definitely the hero you need on a Monday morning when you’re looking for a laugh.

8. King of the Jungle

Lion Dog

Image via crookedbrains.net

Okay, so maybe putting a lion’s mane on your dog doesn’t make him the king of the jungle, but there’s no denying he’s the king of loving belly rubs.

7. Hide Yo Bones, Hide Yo Shoes

Hide Yo Kids

Image via sunnyskyz.com

Antoine Dobson’s infamous local television interview may already be five years old, but it never stops being funny. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife from Dobson, but we suggest hiding yo bacon from this boxer.

6. K9, Phone Home

ET Dog Costume

Image via The Doggy Dojo

If your dog has a smushed face like this pug, there’s only one logical costume for it: ET. Wrap him or her in a towel and place him in the basket of your bike. K9 needs to phone home.

5. Special Delivery


Image via boingboing.net

Usually, when your dog leaves you a “special delivery,” it’s not something you want. When it comes in a fancy box like this one, though, do you really have any choice but to see what’s inside?

4. Scorpup


Image via WENN.com

Make your normally-unassuming pup the terror of the neighborhood when you dress it up like a scorpion. With some claws, a few extra legs and a tail that curls over the torso, your K9 quickly transforms into a venomous arachnid.

3. Silence of the (Plush) Lambs


Image via yostatus.com

Hello, Clarice. Have some fun with your pup’s muzzle as you turn him into everyone’s favorite cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. We have a feeling that your horror movie hound wouldn’t turn down a bowl of fava beans.

2. Chomp, Literally

Bowser and Chomp

Image via Mashable

Does your son want to team up with his best friend this Halloween? If so, give new meaning to the name “Chomp” as your child sports a Bowser costume and walks another one of Super Mario’s foes.

1. Winnie the Pup

Pooh Puppy

Image via humorhound.com

We’d imagine he’s in a food coma from all of that honey.


This Halloween, don’t leave your pet out of the fun. Bring him or her trick-or-treating, to the park, or just follow the American way and take a million pictures of your dolled-up dog in a pet costume for Instagram.