This post WILL gross you out! You have been warned! Leave now if you are sensitive to graphic content!

Ok. Still with us? Here is the fun fact everyone should know. The life cycle of the botfly is incredibly disgusting. If you are scared by Zika, this might just terrify you enough to remain indoors until… FOREVER!

  • Step 1: An adult female botfly sticks a few eggs to the belly of an innocent mosquito.
  • Step 2: Mosquitoes do what mosquitoes do and bite mammals.
  • Step 3: The botfly egg is triggered to hatch by the body heat of the victim.
  • Step 4: The larva drops and burrows into the skin where the mosquito just bit.
  • Step 5: You are now expecting a baby botfly with a due date somewhere between 7-10 weeks.

Good luck with the birthing. We hear it isn’t the worst experience in the world and in some tropical climates, it’s actually quite common. For a detailed account go ahead and browse this post from the entomologist Piotr Naskrecki’s blog. It’ll have you running back indoors in no time flat.

But really, no need to go to all the trouble of wandering into botfly territory and letting the mosquitoes take a few quick sips off of you. The SFX makeup version is so much easier, way more temporary, and nearly as gross. Follow the steps below and you’ll soon be looking like a veritable bot fly breeding ground.

Rolling Balls of Was

Coat your hands in vaseline to make the modeling wax easier to work with.

Form pea-sized wax balls that vary slightly in size and flatten one side of each.

Applying and Forming the Worm Holes

Use spirit gum to apply the wax mounds to the skin.

Smooth the edges into the skin with a vaseline coated cotton swab.

With the back end of the cotton swab form the cavity where each maggot will be placed.

Finishing the Worm Holes

Once all of the holes are formed, coat the wax in liquid latex and allow it to dry.

Fill in and around the holes with red makeup.

Making the Maggots

Prepare your maggots just like the wax balls but this time roll the wax into rice shaped pieces.

Make one maggot for each hole. They

Use a very thin brush to paint black specks onto the wax.

Adding the Worms to the Holes

Brush spirit gum inside the cavities and onto the wax worms.

Apply the worms. Some can be poking out and some can be more fully emerged.

Add fake blood around each maggot until you are satisfied with the level of gore.

Face full of Botflie Larvae

Even though the guests ARE parasites, feel free to brag about what en excellent host you are. At least you don’t have to suffer through the entire 2 month gestation. But since you  are now fully infested, show us your brood  on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.