We love Frozen so much so that we’re not ready to let it go.  Since it’s premiere in 2013, this Disney movie hasn’t left the scene.  Whether you’re watching another parody to “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” or belting out “Let It Go” with Adele Dazeem (just kidding, we know it’s Idina Menzel but I also don’t want to forget that that happened) you may have experienced Frozen fever at some point.

But for anyone who needs a refresher, Frozen is the story of two sisters who need to come together and trust each other in order to save their kingdom.  With the power to freeze things and create ice and snow at will, Elsa struggles with getting a grip on her powers.  Time is of the essence too because she’s accidentally condemned her sister to death unless Anna experiences an act of true love.

However, if there’s anything you take away from this movie, it’s just how fierce Elsa can be.  So it’s no wonder that kids and adults alike want to become this Queen of Arendelle.  Luckily, you came to the right place.


Start with foundation to even out the skin tone. Elsa is pale, so go a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.
Fill in the eyebrows to mimic Elsa’s strong, darker, feminine brow.
Cover the lids in primer.

Use a light purple to cover the entire upper lid and the outer edge of the lower lid.


Use a darker purple along the upper and lower lash line.
Blend out with a fluffy tapered brush.
Bring some of the darker purple into the crease to add drama and dimension.

Line the upper lid with black and sweep the line into a slight wing.


Use concealer to clean under the eyes and define the wing.


Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.


Glue on fake eyelashes. Allow the lash glue to become tacky before applying.

Go over with more liner to hide the edge of the fake lashes.


Apply a bright pink blush.
Line your lips with a pearly pink, and fill in.


Dust translucent powder over entire face.


Use white liner on your water line.
Put on your Elsa Gown and white braided wig and you are ready to “Let it go!”


It’s all about the attitude but Elsa wouldn’t be the same without her sister, Anna and friends Kristoff, Sven and Olaf! Get the whole crew together when you recreate this makeup look and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  And maybe, just maybe we’ll finally let this franchise go.