Goodbye, Pumpkin Spice.  Now that Thanksgiving is officially over it’s time to make way for the next holiday with an equally as distinctive signature flavor.  Peppermint Mocha season is upon us.  There are peppermint mocha drinks on all of the menus, minty cookies to bake and eat and even plenty of candles to burn to literally live in a candy cane-scented haze.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that red and white striped outfits and makeup will hit the scene this holiday season.  Who better to become a personified candy cane than one of Santa’s little helpers.  Whether you’re heading to a holiday party or volunteering to spread the Christmas cheer as Santa’s right hand, this cute elf look is the perfect way to do it right!

We asked our friend Caitlyn to translate the candy cane from a holiday treat to a holiday makeup look!  Watch how easy it is to recreate this elf look:

We’ve even taken the steps and written them out here, so you can follow along with the steps Caitlyn took in this Candy Cane Elf Makeup Tutorial.


With red eyeshadow, contour your nose, cheekbones and temples.


With a fluffy brush, blend out the contour lines and add shadow to the jawline.


With the same red eyeshadow and fluffy brush, sweep the color from the outer corner of your eyes and through the crease.

Apply a concealer that matches your skin over your eyebrows.

Take the same red eyeshadow you used to contour on an angled brush to fill in your eyebrows.


Go over the red eyebrows with a red lip liner.  Focus on the ends and arch to give the brows a bolder look.

Apply lash glue to the inner parts of your eyebrow that you didn’t go over with the lip liner.

Using a brush, apply silver glitter to the inner brows where you just laid down the eyelash glue.


Put some of the red lip liner you used on your brows on a liner brush to draw tiny red squares along your upper lash line.

Use white eyeliner to fill in the spaces between the red boxes to complete the candy cane pattern eye liner.  Create an exaggerated wing from the outer corner.


Create a thin, winged line with black liquid liner. This will help define your eyes without taking focus away from the bold, red and white eyeliner. Also create a tiny wing in the inner corner of your eye.

Line your waterline with white eyeliner.

Apply black mascara to your top lashes only.

Using the same white eyeliner, sweep the brush along your bottom lash line to give your lashes a frosty look!


Line the lip with a dark red lip liner.  Section it off to give your lips a fuller appearance.

Fill in your lips with a bright red lipstick.


Carefully apply fake lashes to your upper lashline to finish off the eye makeup.

Tap on some of the silver glitter used on your eyebrows to the center of your lips.


Top the look off with a holiday outfit and wig.  (Caitlyn used our Holiday Honey Elf Costume and our Snow White Ecstasy Wig to complete this Candy Cane Elf look.)

And because Caitlyn loves gore probably as much as we do, she took the look to the next level over on her channel.  Check out what she did with a Christmas ball, liquid latex and some blood to take this look from Merry Christmas to Scary Christmas.

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