Ancient Egyptian Makeup Tutorial

I think we can all agree, the Ancient Egyptians were true originators- the OG social influencers. They invented all kinds of game changers for humanity 3000 years ago. Just to name a few beyond the obvious pyramids, papyrus was the first paper like material which is amazing, but then they invented ink and a form of writing to fill in the space on the blank pages. They were the first create an irrigation system out of canals and troughs which made farming possible even if there wasn’t nearby water. Food production boomed. You can thank the Egyptians for clocks and the 12 month calendar. And, we can see in all of their ancient sculptures and images of the people, men and women wearing makeup. They invented cosmetic makeup.

Fast forward a few thousand years and imagine life today without makeup. MILLIONS of beauty videos and makeup tutorials published on YouTube wouldn’t even exist!! Therefore, this Egyptian makeup tutorial blog post couldn’t exist on a couple levels- writing… about makeup. Yeah.

So let’s pay it forward and continue to spread knowledge for future generations. We asked our favorite makeup artist, Caitlyn Kreklewich, to create a glamorous Egyptian inspired makeup fit for a queen that could work to elevate one of our Ancient Egyptian Costumes to the next level. Watch the video below to see how she finished the look. If you’re digging this video go subscribe to her channel!

Egyptian Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Begin with your normal foundation routine.

Add some subtle contour to your cheeks, temple and jawline.

Add a bold dark brow- outline then fill. Brush them out then add a touch of mascara.

Egyptian Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Use white shadow to lay down a base for other colors- start on the inner corner of the eye then fill in the whole upper lid to the crease.

To achieve a perfect gradient, start on the out 1/3 of the upper lid with a royal blue shadow and lay it on thick.

Move to the middle of the upper lid and lay down a pearly turquoise- blend into the blue.

Finish the inner corner with a metallic gold- blend into the turquoise.

Egyptian Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Start filling in the outer corner of the eye with black shadow and draw it out to a point.

Clean and refine the edge with a black liquid liner. Draw and thinly outline over the shadow to the inner corner of the eye.

Now add a good strong line along the upper lashes.

Finish the eye with a thin black liner along the lower lash line so the eye is completely outlined in black.

Egyptian Makeup Tutorial Step 4

For the last steps curl your lashes and sweep on some mascara.

A simple gold lip will prove your royalty!

Egyptian Makeup Tutorial Finished Look

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Ancient Egyptian Makeup Tutorial