Special effects makeup doesn’t have to be gross and gory to make it’s point. Sometimes, less is more. Like a tattoo, many people see a scar and want to know the story behind it. Some people have had funny mishaps while others have experienced trauma. However, a scar shows a person’s resilience.

There are many characters that wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t bare their scars. Think of the Joker without his smile. Or Harry Potter without his lightning bolt. Or even Tony Montana without his scarred face. It would be very, very different.

Luckily for you, creating special effects scars is pretty simple. With a few supplies, you’ll have a realistic-looking scar that will make people question if it’s been there all along. It doesn’t take long for the rigid collodion to take effect either so if you’re looking to take your post-apocalyptic look to the next level, you can!

This SFX technique is so easy but the effect is big. So don’t stress about the makeup portion of your costume for Halloween or your next comic convention. We took the time to show you the simple steps to take to create your realistic scars. Watch the video or follow along with the steps below and you’ll be an SFX makeup artist in no time!

Meagan Looking Perfect!

Meagan applied this look to her own adorable face while we stood by and watched the magic happen.

Follow along to see her apply this wicked scar to one cheek.

Scar Step 01

Megan started this look by mapping out a web of lines that lead outward from the corner of her mouth.

The lines should taper at the tips and be darker toward the mouth.

Meagan used her finger tip to blend the lines out a bit.

Scar Step 02

Using the applicator brush tip, she traced over all of the lines she laid down with the Rigid Collodion working in layers.

While allowing the product to dry a bit between each application, you will literally be able to watch your skin shrivel before your eyes.

Scar Step 03

The more product you apply the deeper the scar will appear.

When you are happy with the look, use a translucent powder applied with a fluffy brush to set the look and remove some of the shine.

SFX Scar Tutorial

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This look was executed by the lovely Meagan over at The Art of Beauty so don’t forget to check her out!