Dress Your Best For Your Upcoming Marathon Run


On the brisk Sunday morning of October 5th 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota residents from the surrounding area gathered together to run in the 32nd annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Every runner’s routine that morning was similar. They all woke up early, ate a large breakfast, and did a quick stretch of the muscles before putting on their running clothes. They all did what was necessary before the twenty six mile run they were about to endure.

Each one of the 8857 runners had a similar procedure prior to the race. The only person whose preparation was different was Greg Geiger. Instead of putting on comfortable athletic wear that morning, this 34 year old salesman from Mendota, Minnesota decided to do the entire marathon dressed as Chewbacca, the furry side kick to Han Solo from the epic space saga Star Wars.

At the end of the race he was applauded by onlookers and his hilarious stunt made national news.


You may find that Chewbacca running in a marathon in St. Paul, Minnesota to be a unique sight, but the truth is people always use marathons as an occasion to dress up in all sorts of crazy costumes.

In fact, one of Chewbacca’s rivals appeared in the London Marathon in 2012.

Fancy dress costume at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon-802358

People do this because marathons always draw a lot of attention, especially from the media. No matter what city, you’ll always find a camera and a reporter on the scene. That’s why people use this as an opportunity to dress up in the most outrageous outfits possible.

So if you got a big run coming up why not show off your funny side with one of our hilarious costumes?

However, we also know that running a marathon can be a tough, sweaty event and wearing a costume on top of running can only make things more arduous. That’s why we also offer fun wigs and accessories to wear as well. Now you don’t have to wear a bulky costume to stand out amongst the other runners.

You may think that running in a marathon in regular clothes would be tough enough, but you’ll be surprised as to what people come up with on the day of the big race. From couple’s costumes to mascot outfits, there is no character to strange for a marathon race. So, if you are in a big run here’s your chance to show off your whimsical side with an outrageous ensemble.

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