This May, the Guardians of the Galaxy are back to save us all again! And sure, Star-Lord is the de facto leader of the team, but the real glue is Drax. We meet Drax the Destroyer as a vengeance-driven monster of a creature whose sole purpose is to destroy Ronan and avenge the deaths of his family. But, as we get to know him, we discover a lovable character underneath who is humorous (whether he knows it or not) and someone we all root for. Drax is always on the ball and prepared for anything – like he says, nothing goes over his head; He’s too fast, he would catch it. His trusty knives make him a real danger, and his desire to exact revenge on Thanos essentially makes him an unstoppable force.

But as the Guardians get back together to save the Galaxy once more, we’re set to see even more of Drax and the gang taking on the evils and dangers of the universe. Get yourself prepared for the May 5 release by brushing up on your body art skills! This awe-inspiring makeup tutorial will turn you from your normal self into a completely literal species of alien! We have to thank our great friend Caitlyn Kreklewich for this awesome makeup tutrial. Browse our makeup selection to stock up on everything you need to transform into virtually any character.

The Guardians are back, and we’re stoked to see Drax fighting bad guys alongside Star-Lord and Gamora! As always, share your makeup looks with us!

Watch the video πŸ‘† or keep reading πŸ‘‡ to see the step by step instructions.

Drax Makeup Tutorial - Guardians of the Galaxy Step 1

Apply a bald cap using your choice of adhesives like spirit gum or Pros Aide.

To hide the edges, sponge a layer or two of liquid latex over the edge of the bald cap and allow to dry. Powder to set before applying makeup.

Sponge layers of light blue and gray makeup over the bald cap until completely covered, face and down onto the neck and chest.

Drax Makeup Tutorial - Guardians of the Galaxy Step 2

Get a good reference photo to help guide you through the details.

Draw a U shape around the eye in red makeup.

Start adding the cross-hatching design on the cheek and over the eye.

Drax Makeup Tutorial - Guardians of the Galaxy Step 3

Line the lower lash line with red eyeliner and cover just the corners of the upper lash line.

Using grey shadow add bags under the eyes.

Apply more line work to the neck and for a full chest paint, add even more cross-hatching onto the chest.

Drax Makeup Tutorial - Guardians of the Galaxy Finished Look

Finish the look by adding shading to the laugh lines and crease below the lip.

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