DIY Wolf Mask

Half masks are incredibly popular for Halloween costumes. The great thing about them is that they allow you to become an entirely different thing, like a full mask, but they allow you the breathability and movement that makes you much more comfortable. There’s no better way to complete your costume look than with a mask. Wolves are super popular costume looks, and everyone loves and knows the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, so this DIY Wolf Half Mask will turn this Halloween into HOWLoween!

Follow along with this DIY to top off your wolf costume (or any animal look, really) whether you plan on wearing it for Halloween, a costume contest, or as part of a cosplay. It’s easy to do and even more fun to wear! Make sure to pair it with Wholesale Halloween Costumes‘s DIY Wolf Feet shoes.


DIY Wolf Mask Materials

  • Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic (Thermo Plastic Pellets)
  • Glass Bowl & Water
  • Parchment Paper
  • Measuring Spoons & 1 Metal Spoon
  • Heat Gun
  • Plastic ½ Mask
  • Small Piece of Black Leather or Faux Leather
  • ½ Yard of Gray Faux Fur Fabric (not too bulky)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Hi-Temp Glue Gun ­and Fabric Glue Sticks
  • Black and Pink Craft Feathers
  • White 6″ Natural Feather Picks

DIY Wolf Mask Step 1

Step 1. Heat water in a kettle or microwave to at least 150 degrees F. Follow the directions enclosed with the thermoplastic. Add 1 Tbs of the plastic pellets to the hot water.

Step 2. The plastic pellets will start to turn clear and clump together.  Let the plastic sit in the hot water for approximately 2 min.

Step 3. Use a metal spoon to clump the plastic pellets together and remove them carefully from the water. It’s important to use the metal spoon since the plastic will bond to a plastic spoon.

Step 4. Knead the plastic together between your fingers, creating the shape of a wolf ear. If the plastic starts to get stiff, just put it back in the hot water and let it soften up again.

DIY Wolf Mask Step 2

Step 5. While the plastic is still soft, start pressing it against the mask, placing it where you the ear should go.

Step 6. Overlap the plastic ear with the back of the mask. Use the Heat gun if needed to soften the plastic ear, so that it bonds with the plastic of the mask. You can use hot glue to help secure the ear to the mask.

Step 7. Repeat steps 1-6 to create the other ear and attach it to the mask.

DIY Wolf Mask Step 3

Step 8. Use the thermoplastic to create an elongated nose and side pieces for the mask as shown. If the shape needs adjusting, you can soften the plastic with the heat gun to reshape. Don’t worry if the plastic is a little lumpy, as it will be covered in fur in the next step.

Step 9. Cut the faux fur fabric so that it will fit on the mask with several extra inches of fabric left on all sides. Use the hi-temp glue gun and fabric glue to add glue to the mask.

Step 10. Gently apply the faux fur to the glue on the front of the mask, gently pressing and flattening it out.

Step 11. Wrap the access fur around the backside of the mask, using scissors to trim the pieces, and the glue to secure.

DIY Wolf Mask Step 4

Step 12. The mask should now resemble the shape of a wolf.

Step 13. Use the craft knife to cut the openings for the eyes. If the fur is hanging down over the eye openings, use the glue gun to glue the extra fur back.

Step 14. To make the nose, cut a small triangular piece of black leather, slightly bigger than you want the final nose to be.

Step 15. Fold the 3 corners of the triangle to the middle, so that they overlap slightly. Glue the flaps with the hot glue.

Step 16. Glue the nose to the mask.

DIY Wolf Mask Step 5

Step 17. Pull apart a pink craft feather, along the vein, so that you get smaller, still attached pieces of a feather.

Step 18.  Glue the pink feather pieces in the wolf’s ears and glue the feather picks to the mask as whiskers.

Step 19. Use a small amount of model magic to create some fangs for the wolf.

Step 20. Hot glue the fangs under the nose. The model magic will dry in a few hours. Pull apart a black craft feather, along the vein, so that you get smaller, still attached pieces of a feather.

Step 21. Glue the black feather pieces over the wolf’s eyes and around the nose to complete the mask.

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