DIY Wolf Feet Shoes

Everyone likes wolves. They’re powerful, fearsome, and majestic. But nobody wants to dress in the same wolf costume that you see at every Halloween party. Trying to take your Halloween costume or cosplay to the next level is always more difficult than it looks. Whether you want to win your local costume contest or show off your stuff at a Comic Convention, nobody wants to show up in a run of the mill costume. But, as we all know, you’ve got to have that one piece of your look that really makes your look POP, and you’ve got to start working on it before October even starts. Now, though, you don’t have to worry.

Getting the perfect wolf look (or any animal costume, to be honest) down pat is super important, and it all starts from the ground-up. By that, we mean the feet. Making a realistic wolf foot has always been a pain, but now Wholesale Halloween Costumes has you covered. This easy to follow costume DIY will give you the perfect wolf feet to go with any type of wolf related costume! You’ll be the talk of the walk with these puppies on your feet, so get them put together and enjoy!


DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Materials

  • Old Boots or High Tops
  • 2 Large Pieces 4″ Green Foam Padding (available at most craft stores)
  • Piece of Black Leather or Faux Leather
  • 2 Yards of Grey Faux Fur Fabric (not too bulky)
  • Hi-Temp Glue Gun ­and Fabric Glue Sticks
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thick Black Marker
  • Utility Knife
  • Electric Carving  Knife
  • Paint (Black and White)
  • Paintbrush
  • Model Magic
  • Toothpicks
  • Foam Adhesive (optional)
  • Duct Tape (Optional)
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun (optional)

NOTE– Although you can use a utility knife to cut the foam, the electric knife is fairly inexpensive, and is the best tool for cutting the thick foam.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Step 1

Step 1. Cut the foam into 2 giant pieces, one for each foot. Use a black marker to trace around the bottom of one boot. Next use the black marker to make a larger foot with 4 large toes, as shown in my example. It’s okay if you have to make multiple marks to get the size and shape right. When you are happy with the shape and size, make the final outline darker.

Step 2. Use the electric knife to cut out the shape. All the cuts can be rough, they will eventually be covered in the faux fur.

Step 3. This is very important, before proceeding with the project, flip the foam foot over and trace it on the other piece of foam. This will make sure that you have the same size foam foot to cover your second boot.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Step 2

Step 4. Next, draw an opening in the foam foot that will be large enough for the top of the boot to fit through.

Step 5. Slicing the foam open in the back of the food, and then cut out the opening. The foam should fit around the boot and close together in the back. At this point, it will sit above the base of the boot, as shown. That will be fixed in the next few steps.

Step 6. Turn over the foam foot and the boot. Trace the outline of the bottom of the boot onto the bottom of the foam.

Step 7. Use the electric knife, and the utility knife to carve out the inside of the foam to fit the base of the boot without cutting all the way through to the top of the foam.

Step 8. The foam should now sit flush with the bottom of the boot, as shown.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Step 3

Step 9. Now the foam needs to be shaped more like a foot, and less like a block of foam. You can draw on the foam, creating guidelines to help you see where to cut.

Step 10. Use the electric knife and the utility knife to carve the foam. Make many smaller cuts. IT’s easier to remove extra foam than to add it back.  The cut foam can be rough, it should have the basic feel of a large wolf foot.

Step 11. Stuff the boot with newspaper, so that it will hold its shape.

Step 12. Use the hot fabric glue, and hot glue if needed to attach the foam foot to the boot.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Step 4

Step 13. Use the model magic to form a large wolf claw.

Step 14. Make 10 claws all together, 4 for the front of each foot and 1 for the back of each foot. Insert a toothpick ½ way into the base of each claw and let the model magic dry.

Step 15. Remove the toothpicks from the claws and insert them halfway into the end of each toe on the foot.

Step 16. Attach the model magic claws to the toothpicks in each toe, using hot glue to keep the claws from sliding off the toothpicks.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Step 5

Step 17. Paint the claws black.

Step 18. Use white paint to add a highlight to the tip of each claw.

Step 19. Paint the claw on the back of the foot.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Step 6

Step 20. Cut  4, long triangular strips of black leather for the top of each toe. Hot glue the strips to the foam foot, with the wider end at the base of each claw, as shown. The leather will add a different texture and help keep the toes separate once the faux fur is added.

Step 21. Before adding the fur, glue smaller pieces of foam to the boot to create a more even transition from the foam to the boot.

Step 22. The faux fur is great to work with because it can be layered in small pieces and the fur will blend together to cover any uneven edges. I used the hot fabric glue to attach pieces of fur to the foam foot, starting at the front, near the claws.

Step 23. Add the fur in long strips, applying it, so that the fur slightly overlaps the leather and covers the exposed foam. You can also glue smaller pieces of fur at each toe, around the claws.

Step 24. Continue covering the boot with the fur. If you are using a boot that zippers like mine, apply the fur on either side of the zipper, so that you can still open and close the boot. The fur should roll over the top edge of the boot, and around the bottom as well, for a nice clean look. Try not to cover the entire bottom of the boot with the fur, otherwise, the boot might be too slippery to walk in.

DIY Wolf Feet Shoes Finished Look

Step 25. The wolf foot is complete! Use the remaining supplies to create the 2nd foot.

Top this off with a grey onesie and a wolf mask, and have a happy Howloween!!


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