DIY Westworld Costumes

Intended for rich vacationers, Westworld is an amusement park that allows guests to live out their wildest fantasies. The draw of this futuristic theme park is the fact that there are no consequences for the guests so they can be as ruthless and diabolical as they desire. Then, after the carnage that may ensue, the hosts are repaired, the park resets and the residents of the park are none the wiser. Until some of the robotic hosts start glitching. Then the chaos and carnage are more than any of the guests bargained for.

You might not be able to score a trip to Westworld because for one, it’s a fictional amusement park and secondly, you need to shell out some serious bucks to gain access. But this Halloween you can suit up as one of your favorite characters. Whether it’s a butt-kicking robotic host or one of the human characters, we’ve got just what you need to create your own costume.

Choose from humans like the Man in Black or Dr. Ford. Or maybe a fierce female host, like Dolores, Maeve or Armistice is more your speed. Hector and Bernard are here too to help you create a full-fledged Westworld group ensemble.

Season 3 is set to premiere in May 2020 and that means there will be more adventures, and more looks to recreate, for our hosts and humans. Don’t forget to check out our other TV show costumes for ideas!

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead!*

Man In Black

DIY Man In Black Costume
Hat, Shirt & Pants | Jacket | Belt

The Man in Black is no stranger to the park. He’s been attending for over 30 years. On a quest to solve the mystery he believes the original creator Arnold hid in the park, no one wants to cross paths with this ruthless guest and investor.


DIY Bernard Costume
Shirt & Vest | Pants | Glasses

After Arnold Weber’s death, co-creator Dr. Ford wasn’t sure there would be another human up to par. So instead, he created Bernard to take up that mantle as the head of the Westworld Programming Division. This surprise host was programmed to think he was human, shocking himself and those he worked closely with.

Dr. Ford

DIY Dr. Ford CostumeOutfit | Pocket Watch | Hat

Dr. Ford was the co-creator of Westworld and served as the park’s director. His uncompromising vision led to some unorthodox methods throughout his journey. Like recreating his co-creator in host form after his death.


DIY Maeve CostumeDress | Thigh Highs | Boots | Fan

There could be no Mariposa Saloon without the marvelous madam Maeve. She was designed to be able to understand the needs of the guests and her perception may have been her undoing. She’s one of the first hosts to start questioning her reality and from there, her only objective is to find the daughter she keeps having flashbacks about.


DIY Armistice CostumeShirt | Pants | Coat | Hat | Rifle

Armistice is a first-generation host who plays a bandit in Hector’s gang. She’s a ruthless character who was programmed to believe her village, including her mother, was viciously massacred. The red snake tattoo that covers her face and torso is said to be the blood of those who carried out the massacre.


DIY Hector CostumeJacket | Pants | Hat | Holster

Hector is Westworld’s permanent “Most Wanted” bandit. He’s a ruthless criminal with a dark sense of humor who leads a gang of bandits that terrorizes the town of Sweetwater. Driven mad by the loss of a past lover, Hector believe that the only way for him to survive is to be a predator.

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to dressing up as a Westworld character. The HBO show is full of twists and turns, and you never quite know who the good guys and bad guys really are. Channel the American Wild West this Halloween with a DIY Westworld costume!

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DIY Westworld Costumes