DIY Halloween Wagon Upgrades

Trick-or-treating has been a tradition for decades now. There’s something about watching our kids, dressed up in their Halloween costumes, ringing doorbells to collect their treats. But any parent of young children knows it only lasts so long before they’re too tired to walk from house to house.

Thankfully, wagons are a thing. In addition to carting your kid and their treats around on Halloween, it’s a great way to bring anything you might need for a night of trick-or-treating. But instead of just pulling your regular wagon, you can upgrade their ride to match their Halloween costume.

Here are some epic wagon upgrades you can recreate this Halloween.

1. Dump Truck Wagon

DIY Dumptruck Trick or Treating Wagon Tutorial

Constructing the perfect wagon is easy when you’ve got the right tools. If you’ve got a little construction worker on your hands this Halloween, create a dump truck for them! They’ll be ready to haul in all the treats and you can collect your candy toll when the night is over.

2. Firetruck

DIY Firetruck Trick or Treating Wagon

There will be no emergencies you can’t handle this Halloween. A firetruck wagon is just what your little firefighter will need to collect the most candy. All the other wagons will move aside when they see you and your fire engine wagon rolling down the sidewalk!

3. Magic Carpet

DIY Magic Carpet Trick or Treating Wagon

You won’t need to find a genie of your own to recreate this adorable magic carpet wagon. Just follow along with our tutorial. It’s perfect to pair with a little genie costume or to complete your Aladdin group look. We’ll show you a whole new world when it comes to wagon upgrades!

4. Spaceship

Here’s a wagon upgrade that’s out of this world. Your little astronaut will be ready for blast off this Halloween in their awesome spaceship wagon. Your trick-or-treating mission will be a success once you launch this upgraded wagon on Halloween.

5. Daniel Tiger Trolley

DIY Daniel Tiger Trolley Wagon Upgrade

When you’re trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, make your neighbors think you stepped right out of Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. This upgrade will help transform your wagon into a trolley from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

6. Princess Carriage

DIY Princess Carriage Wagon Upgrade

Help your little princess feel like royalty this Halloween with a wagon worthy of her stature. This princess carriage wagon is perfect for any little princess, from Cinderella to a character of her own. It will be a real treat to ride in style this Halloween.

7. Pirate Ship

DIY Pirate Ship Wagon Upgrade

If you’re ready to head full steam ahead into your night of trick-or-treating, this wagon upgrade is just what you need. When X marks the spot for all the treasures to collect this Halloween, you’ll need a pirate ship wagon to help your little swashbuckler get around.

Don’t dread trick-or-treating with young kids anymore. Instead, put your DIY skills to the test and upgrade their wagon to help them stand out. If you recreate any of our wagon upgrades or create a wagon of your own, connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to share pictures of your cute kid with us. Connect with us on Pinterest too!

DIY Halloween Wagon Upgrades