DIY Princess Carriage Wagon Upgrade

Do you know any princes or princesses looking for a ride on Halloween night? Forget about Uber. This elegant coach will suit any royal. This blinged-out, lit whip is how to trick-or-treat in style! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the clock striking midnight because this carriage will never be turning back into a pumpkin!

This project was designed to fit a “Step 2” wagon. You can modify the measurements of the pieces to fit whatever wagon you might be using. The foam core is from the dollar store, it’s more economical when using a large quantity.

If you only have pirates and astronauts in your house, then our DIY wagon pirate ship and spaceship may be the vehicle you need.


DIY Carriage Wagon Supplies

  • Silver Kings Crown
  • 1 yard pink Satin Fabric
  • 2 yards Light Blue Tulle Fabric
  • Spray Paint (Silver, light Blue and pink)
  • 2 Sheets Black Foam Core
  • 5-6 Sheets of White Foam Core
  • 2 Sheets of White Poster Board
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Hot Glue Gun Extra Glue Sticks
  • 2 Battery Operated LED Light Strings
  • Thin Gold Cord
  • Silver Cord or Ribbon
  • Light Blue Lacy Ribbon
  • 2 Sheets of Silver Glitter Foam
  • 4 Sheets of Pink Glitter Foam
  • Measuring Tape or Long Ruler
  • 4 Large Foam Wreaths (approximately 12”)
  • 4 Foam Discs (approximately 6”)
  • 2 Step Wagon

 Carriage Step 01

Step 1. Lightly spray paint 5 sheets of the white foam core. One side of each should be sprayed light blue, and the other side should be pink. When spraying foam core, its better to apply the color in light weight coats to ensure that the foam core doesn’t warp from too much paint. LET DRY.

Step 2. The basic shape for each side of the carriage resembles a crescent moon. Draw the shape, as shown, on a piece of painted foam core. Draw a small window.

Step 3. Cut out the moon shape, saving the extra cut pieces of the foam core, for use in a later step. Use the moon shape panel as a  template to trace 3 more panels on the painted pieces of foam core.

IMPORTANT– the 2 sides of the carriage should be mirror images of each other to create the “pumpkin shape”. Reverse the template panel when tracing for 2 of the pieces of foam core.

Step 4. On the blue side, hot glue the gold cord around the outside edge of each of the carriage windows. Repeat with the other windows.

Carriage Step 02

Step 5. To make the curtains, cut a square of pink satin, large enough to cover one of the carriage windows. On the pink side, hot glue the top of the fabric, above the window. Cut the fabric panel in half, stopping about an inch from the top of the fabric.

Step 6. Part the fabric in the middle with loops of gold cord. Hot glue the cord to each side of the window to secure. Repeat steps 5-6 with the remaining windows.

Step 7. Use the hot glue gun to trim the inside edges of the carriage with the blue lacy ribbon. Repeat with the other panels.

Step 8. Assemble 2 panels, as shown, using one of the scrap pieces of foam core from step 3. The top corner of each panel should be touching, You can hold the panel up against the wagon to determine how low or high  to attach the bottom panel. Assemble the other side of the carriage.

Carriage Step 03

Step 9. Cut a long piece of painted foam core, 29.5” long and as wide as the inside opening of one of the carriage panels (I made mine 10” wide.) Measure 4” in on each end of the foam core, and draw a line across.

Step 10. Using the dull side of the craft knife blade, gently score the foam core along one of the lines, so the foam core will fold, but is not completely cut through, Repeat on the other line.

Step 11. To assemble the carriage, hot glue one of the folded edges from step 10, to pink side one of the carriage pieces, lining the folded edge up with the opening, as shown.

Step 12. With the pink side facing in attach the remaining carriage piece to the other folded edge. The basic shape of the carriage is complete, it may seem a little wobbly.

Carriage Step 04

Step 13. Cut a piece of white foam core, approximately 21.5” long (long enough to reach across the top of the carriage) and 4” wide. Hot glue the piece to either side of the carriage. This piece will help provide structural  support to the carriage.

Step 14. Starting on the left half of the carriage, attach a piece of poster board across both sides of the carriage, use hot glue to attach the poster board to the edges of the foam core.

Step 15. Once attached the poster board should contour to the rounded shape of the carriage, creating the roof. If the poster board is too wide, use the craft knife to trim the poster board so the edges are flush with the carriage. Repeat on step 14-15 on the other half of the carriage.

Step 16. You should be able to lift the carriage and place it gently on the wagon. The middle support piece of the carriage should help hold the carriage on the wagon. Cut 2 pieces of silver glitter foam, as shown. Glue the glittery foam to the side of the carriage and overlapping the middle support piece of the carriage by approximately 1”. The glitter foam looks beautiful, but will also help secure the carriage sides to the middle support.

Carriage Step 05

Step 17. Trace one of the large foam wreaths on black foam core and cut out. Repeat to make 3 additional circles.

Step 18. Spray the 4 wreaths silver, and let dry. Wrap the silver cord or ribbon around a painted wreath, approximately 3-4” wide on each rotation. Use the hot glue to secure the cord.

Step 19. Glue the silver wrapped wreath to a black foam core circle.

Step 20. Trace a foam disk on the pink glitter foam, and cut out.

Step 21. Hot glue the pink glitter foam circle to the foam disk, and trim the edge with the silver cord.

Step 22. To make the spokes of the wheel, trace the foam disk in the middle of the wheel. Using the traced circle as a guide, glue eight, 2” pieces of silver cord around the inside of the wheel.

Step 23. Hot glue the foam disk to middle of the wheel. Repeat steps 18-23 to make the remaining 3 wheels.

Carriage Step 06

Step 24. In order to allow the actual wheels of the wagon to rotate freely, the wheels of the carriage need to be attached further out. I created a square from foam core pieces,  approximately  4” x 4” x 2”.

Step 25. Hot glue the square to the wagon, above the actual wagon wheel.

Step 26. Attach the wheel to the square.  Testing to make sure that the wagon wheels can turn freely. Repeat steps 24-26 with the remaining 3 wheels.

Step 27. Wrap the inside support piece of the carriage in the pink satin fabric.

Step 28. Tape or glue the battery packs for the LED lights to the top of the wagon.

Step 29. Use clear tape to arrange the LED wires around the top the carriage.

Carriage Wagon Final

Step. 30. To finish the carriage cover the top with the blue tulle fabric and add the silver crown. Now your little prince or princess can arrive at the party in style!

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DIY Wagon Princess Carriage