DIY Vampirina Shoes Supplies

Vampirina may be blue with pointy teeth but that doesn’t mean she isn’t happy or friendly! This vampire from Transylvania is just looking to fit in and make friends and is a celebrity on the Disney Junior channel. Your preschool probably rocks the “whoa oh oh, Vampirina” chorus when the theme song comes on and she’d rock these DIY kicks if had them too! White canvas shoes be gone for this fun DIY can be created with minimal cost but with a steady painting hand. She’ll get a kick of these kicks based on the ghoulish girl in the human world so download our template and give this DIY a try! They are cool enough for your outfit of the day or would coordinate perfectly with your Vampirina costume.

Follow along to see how Tara from Spot of Tea Designs transformed a basic pair of canvas shoes into these adorable batty sneakers!

DIY Vampirina Shoes Supplies


  • White canvas shoes
  • Acrylic paint – Light Blue/Purple, Black, White, Purple, Red
  • Felt – black
  • Paintbrushes – skinny and wide widths
  • Needle and thread
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Pencil
  • Water Erase pen
  • Vampirina shoes template PDF

DIY Vampirina Shoes Taped

Remove your shoelaces and set them aside. Place painter’s tape along the sole of the shoes.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Step 2

Use your pencil or water erase pen draw the basic widow’s peak of Vampirina’s head onto the fronts of the shoes. 

Cut (4) pieces of black felt in the batwing shape shown on the template. Tip:  it helps to trace the shape with chalk.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Paint Base

Paint the face area of the shoe with the bluish/purple color and the other areas of the shoe in black.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Trace Face

Cut out the Vampirina faces from the template.  Lay them face down and rub the side of the pencil over the shapes you plan to transfer. Flip it over and place it in position on the shoe. Trace the outline of the shapes on the template. This should transfer the lead you added to the back of the template onto the shoe.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Paint Features

Use a fine-tip paintbrush to paint the black outline facial features onto the shoe.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Paint Back

You’ll need that layer to dry before adding the other facial layers so while you’re waiting, turn them around and paint a spiderweb coming out of the back. Start with several lines, as shown on the left then add the inner web lines, as shown on the right.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Paint Details

Use your very fine brushes to add the white, purple, black and white layers to complete Vampirina’s wide peepers and the white and red to finish her mouth.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Attach Wings

Sew or glue the felt wings onto the canvas shoe as Vampirina’s batwing hairstyle.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Laced

Once dry, remove the painter’s tape and re-lace the shoes.

DIY Vampirina Shoes Back Finished DIY Vampirina Shoes DIY Vampirina Shoes Final DIY Vampirina Shoes Closeup DIY Vampirina Shoes Posed

Be ready to rock these painted creations at the Halloween parade, at preschool or the playground!

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DIY Vampirina Shoes Supplies