What can I say about unicorns that you don’t already know? They’re mystical. They’re magical. You’ll spend your life just trying to catch a glimpse of one despite people constantly telling you that unicorns aren’t real. But we know the truth.

Lately, we’ve realized there’s something almost as magical as a unicorn. And that’s special effects makeup. We follow so many amazing makeup artists on YouTube and Instagram that we tend to gag at the sight of some of their creations. While you might think you need to go to Hogwarts to actually pull some looks off, we’re here to show you a quick and easy way to get started.

When a unicorn onesie is no longer enough, you can DIY yourself a horn that will have people questioning whether everything they thought they knew about unicorns is wrong. We crafted our horn out of household items just to show you that you can find unicorn magic just about anywhere if you look hard enough.

So if you’re ready to become one of the most majestic creatures in the universe watch our video or follow the steps below to make your own unicorn horn prosthetic.


  • Mod Podge
  • Medium Paint Brush
  • Cotton Balls
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Unicorn Step One

Unroll 3-4 cotton balls.

Cut a piece of paper into a rectangle.

Roll the paper diagonally to create your horn shape.

Cut off excess paper to keep the horn light.

Tighten the roll up until it’s your desired shape and size.

Unicorn Steps Two

Use tape to secure the edges and to hold the shape.

Cut off the bottom so that the base is straight.

Unicorn Steps Three

Brush Mod Podge on the tip.

Attach the end of a string of cotton to the tip.

Using the paint brush, guide the cotton around the horn by turning the horn as you saturate the cotton with Mod Podge.

Continue adding cotton, twisting and painting on the Mod Podge until you get to at least an inch from the bottom of the horn.

Unicorn Steps Four

Cut slits up the bottom.

Fold the slits up to create a base to lay down cotton and latex.

Tie a knot at the end of a piece of embroidery thread that will reach from base to tip following the spirals created by the cotton.

Slip the knot between 2 of the slits and spiral it around between the cotton.

Add Mod Podge over top of the thread to adhere it to the horn.

Unicorn Steps Five

Repeat with 2 or 3 more strings of thread to increase the thickness to your liking.

Unicorn Steps Six

Lay down something non-porous like foil or wax paper.

Saturate cotton with liquid latex to adhere it to the base of your horn.

Make sure to lay down it in layers to create a sturdy base to adhere the horn to your skin.

Don’t worry about making it too big for your forehead. You can cut it later but it’ll be harder to make it bigger if you skimp!

Allow the cotton and latex to dry completely.

Unicorn Steps Seven

Peel the horn from your foil or wax paper.

Cut off any excess cotton and latex from the base to fit your forehead.

A Real Live Hum-icorn

No one will ever be able to tell you that unicorn, or at least hum-icorns (that’s human + unicorn, okay? I tried), don’t exist.  We want to see your unicorn style. Don’t forget to send us a magical picture once you’ve created and applied the prosthetic (learn how to apply prosthetics here) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.